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Author Topic: Mara_UK  (Read 2394 times)

Offline _Bender_

Hi my fellow punters,

I know she's been discussed on another topic but I was just wondering if anyone else has hand the pleasure of meeting her?

Her feedback looks good but her photos are quite poor but saying that she does look good.

I've made initial contact with her but want a little more feedback from here before I take the plunge.  :rolleyes:

Thanks Prof.



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Nothing to really add other than what I said in the other thread. A mature lady, very attractive, great body & slim figure. I spent an excellent hour in her company and would have already seen her again except I live in London so I'm doing my best to have a reason to travel to Derby!

Offline dilettante

Pretty sure she posts here under name of Mara too

Offline Turtle Z

I see Mara regularly. She is late 40's, very attractive and gives the best GFE of any girl I've seen.  She is slim and toned and I know she swims and runs a lot. She is always immaculately turned out and the street house she works from in Derby is spotlessly clean and well presented. In fact she's just got back from Vienna so I'm seeing her tomorrow.

Offline Taggart

Mara is on my HL, because she's slim, fit and MILFy - and has many excellent reports. You could pick someone half her age and walk away disappointed, is the view I am getting.  Ladies over 30 seldom get on my HL, so I hope when my time comes I wont be disappointed.

Go fill your boots.

Offline dancer44

I have seen Mara three times now and will certainly be going again. Great body,  skilled,  and with a really good attitude.  She works from an immaculate house in what is something of a student area of Derby but no problems with that. Miss her and you will have missed a treat! Tell her I said so! !!!!!

Offline _Bender_

Is it me but is Mara the spit of Susie Dent out of 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown....Mmm think I need some more of that Austrian milf  :crazy:

Offline j122

Wouldn't mind a bit of Susie Dent!

Looks like Mara will be taking a break from offering her wonderful services soon if you look at her updated profile.

After Holly Golightly retiring, this is another huge loss for you guys in the East Midlands area if this break turns out to be permanent.

Mara has always been a top lady for me, and though I am based down South I have always looked to meet up with her whenever I have been in the Midlands. Hopefully she won't be away for too long...

Offline Ipunter

What a shame, might be looking for a new place and wants to take her time lol

I can confirm she's very good and she even saw me at the ripe age of 28 when I emailed her politely and asked if she'd make an exception.

Offline Turtle Z

Yes, Holly was no loss to me whatsoever but Mara however...   :(

Offline dancer44

That is bad news!  I saw Mara pretty regularly when she was at her old place near the city centre and she was without doubt one of the best ever. Her move to the suburbs made it difficult for me to see her but if she plans to take a break (which usually means finish) at the end of September then I will have to do whatever it takes to squeeze in a couple of visits!!!
Anyone able to suggest someone to fill the gap???

Mara is a gorgeous lady ( a tart if required ) it will be a sad loss when she retires and just does web cam ( she told me that's what she will do - if she has the courage ! ) great personality and her apartment is top class !

Offline _Bender_

Profiles changed to cam only now  :dash:  :cry:

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