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Author Topic: Kinky Nymph - Kirkcaldy  (Read 1129 times)

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Offline jambogaz

 https://www.adultwork.com/2365683 or https://www.adultwork.com/kinky+nymph

Well, after no hits in the Scottish section in my request for info I decided to TOFTT!

I am giving this punt a NEGATIVE but it could have been so so different.

The talent is definitely there, but the attitude tonight was all wrong.

This girl is an attractive young lass with a cracking body, and is really really friendly & chatty, and quite interesting to talk to actually.

I think however that she didn't find me attractive in any way  :( and as she is pretty new to this game it affected her performance.


We chatted for what seemed like about 15 mins before any action took place, and it was some very nice kissing & touching, which if continued had the potential to be a great experience.  She decided to go down on me after only 5 mins or so, and well, her BJ was very very good, really soft touch, and a lovely technique.  She seemed to want me to cum with mouth & hand, and asked me to cum on her chest, so being a gentleman, I was happy to oblige assuming we were going for a round 2 afterwards so had an explosion all over her  :D

Once she had cleaned up it was back to chatty mode, combined with The Simpsons on the TV, a glug of Irn Bru, followed by a fag (I didn't mind although I am not a smoker) for her, and then more chat, chat, chat. 

No chance of a round 2, and I got the feeling that after me popping within the 1st half hour, she was wondering why I was still there. 

I got the vibes that she would be brilliant if you clicked with her, but I just ended up feeling like we were kind of both not up for it.  Bit of a shame really as I would have loved to have spent the hour getting busy with her, but there were just FAR too many distractions with her, TV, fags, juice, chat chat chat, complaining of not feeling 100%, tired, not looking forward to her next client (half an hour after me), can't be bothered tonight etc etc etc.

As I said, lovely girl to chat to but on tonight's performance, definitely NOT kinky, or a nymph.

Will almost certainly be a POSITIVE for a lot of folk who are maybe more assertive than I am, but I really let myself down by not taking charge of the punt.

Lesson Learned & moving on...

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Offline SamScott

Sounds shit also loos quite fat like

Offline jambogaz

Nah Sam, big tits but thin I would say. Not a stunner but not a howler either.

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