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Author Topic: Any recommendations in Dundee?  (Read 168293 times)

Offline Loosemorals

From what little I know about the lady, possably she sold her phone for some smack?😀 Just kidding.
Honestly though she hasn't been online in over 3 weeks. I don't think we'll know till she comes back. Hope she's just taking some time off, and nothing bad has happened. She seems to play at the higher risk end of the pool than some of the other WG's.

Anyone been to Sexy Sisi for an incall yet, if so how was it/where was the location

Thought she was outcalls only??

Offline Loosemorals

You know how some girls still look OK in their verification photos? This girl should have tried a little bit harder I reckon.😱

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Offline FrankieOh

Thought she was outcalls only??

She does incalls now. I'm sure it's on her profile. I've only had a couple of outcalls so haven't checked out her place. She lives near Strips of Craigie. Nice girl. Definitely worth seeing.

Offline Perthdude

Does anyone ever remember lexi???Scottish lassie say mid 20s slim.she had a flat behind the retail park on the kingsway where pets at  home and asda is?she popped up maybe year or so ago with 2profile u think.always wonder what happened with her

Offline Loosemorals

She does incalls now. I'm sure it's on her profile. I've only had a couple of outcalls so haven't checked out her place. She lives near Strips of Craigie. Nice girl. Definitely worth seeing.
If you read her blurb she only offers incalls to regulars. Shame as I'm an incalls man and I do like a nice redhead.
That's why I'm hoping one of you lads will take a pop at that Craigslist lass. 40 for half, 70 for hour. and in lochee. If she'd been on AW I would have maybe taken one for the team and reported back but I just don't trust Craigslist. One of you brave souls will just have to do it😋

Offline Loosemorals

Just made an appointment with glam Natasha. The thought of a loyalty program was too much for me. Does mean I'm going to have to go back twice next week but hey ho😀

Craigslist lass. Was a couple of months ago and I haven't posted a proper review as the link will always be out of date.   Shitty flat just off Lochee road but decent enough punt  decent enough looking lass , mid 30s size 12ish   Pretty damned good bj to be honest and def vfm. Sticks a profile on craigslist most days.  Look out for "29 year old". "Basic fun 40 half hour 70 hour" "mature clients".  That'll be her

Offline Loosemorals

Yea I kinda picked up her Craigslist M.O. was she british though? Was comms alright?

I've pretty much committed myself to seeing Natasha a couple of times next week. So gonna be skint for a while. Gotta love the special deals Natasha comes up with..three for price of two loyalty scheme. And as I technically put it on my credit card I got loyalty card points too. Tesco,s does everything else. They may as well do poontang also😀

I'm looking for a lunchtime quickie, any good girls near Ninewells?  Anything on or West of Perth Rd really, within a 5-10 minute drive from the hospital.

Offline Loosemorals

Lol a 10 minit drive from the hospital is most of Dundee😊.
But Scotch Miss is just the other side of south road tesco from the hospital. You could probably walk it in 10 minits. 5 minit drive easy.

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Thanks, might give her a go.  I liked the look of Kitty for a quick blow job or a lunchtime quickie but she's not got great reviews on this thread.  Still fancy trying her though.

Offline Loosemorals

I tried kitty once. she is in St. Mary's, you could get there fast enough. I tried my best but she was such a turnoff to to me I physically couldn't finish. Her oral skills were quite good though. She nagged me a bit about not cumming in her mouth though. She doesn't like it. Even though it's on her list of likes.
She is even more "sub"than me. I have since thought that maybe she was trying to make me take a dominant roll but oh well.

She's not that pretty facially but I have a thing for skinny girls right now.  Her pics on AW of her giving oral were good, she should put them back up.

Is Kitty more sub than Marie?

Marie will pretty much do anything you tell her to.

Not too bothered about what Kitty looks like to be honest.

Offline Perthdude

I tried marie a last week..number was not working. Not sure what's going on with her.

Offline Loosemorals

Well had my second visit to Natasha today. So now I get to go round tomorrow for free. Natasha likes her special deals but I gotta say this is my favourite so far😀

Offline Markovid

I've not been able to get hold of Marie either. Hope shes ok and not packed it in.

Took a chance on the craiglist lass being honest she's no for me flats no that great kids smoking dope on the stairs and it was a pretty shit half hour.
She barely touched my cock her shagging noises were like something out the exersist sure she barked at one point.
She kept trying to push my head in her pussy and when I did give in got a massive hair in my mouth, fuck knows where it came from as she was shaved.
Also had trouble finding the flat which resulted in a string of abusive text messages from her.

To sum up no oral no hand job and ended up finishing myself  over her.

All in all no my best punt and don't think I will be going back.

Offline Loosemorals

Wow sounds like you really did take one for the team. Much respect.
I guess that's why she's on Craigslist. Too easy to track girls on AW, and review their performance.
Oh well. I keep telling myself I'm going to give up punting soon anyway. Only "black chick" and "proper anal" left on my list of things to do.

Alright lads. Seen hot Marie a few days ago in the smokers garden outside ninewells looking rather worse for wear. Obviously didn't spark up a conversation with her but she was seriously limping and looked well rough hopefully it's nothing too serious, Iv only ever seen her once and she wasn't my cup of tea but I know others enjoy her submissive nature! Seen kitty many times, not for a long time right enough but she can take a good pounding anally and in the mouth for sure. Rather skinny and definitely not good facially but she provides a good service and is very submissive. True she doesn't like cim but oral is great. Think I'm finally going to give Natasha a go although I tend to steer well clear of Romanians she does look great.

Offline Third Man

one romanian lass i saw in ddee not long ago was evelyn love, she was calling herself ashley cool then, not bad punt really. its the girl in the pics, ok its 70 for 30 and covered oral for that but she was chatty enough, well up to a point and i never had any of that dont do this or that stuff. i would visit her again at some point
https://www.adultwork.com/3107718 or https://www.adultwork.com/evelyn+love

Offline Loosemorals

Last I heard kitty doesn't do anal anymore..doctors orders apparently. We joked about it on here if I remember correctly.
Just had my third and free appointment with Natasha. Going 3 times in a week has actually been great. Highly recommend her if you have time and she is still doing that deal.
One thing though. I didn't realise how much "doing the paperwork" had become such a big part of the ritual for me.
Punting for free put me off my stride for a minit or two. God forbid I ever get back together with my wife. She's going to wonder why I keep leaving money on the bedside table😁

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