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Author Topic: Brooke - formerly Careena Reagan  (Read 842 times)

This girl used to be in London and has recently moved to Camberley.  I've made a thread in the South East section, hope it's ok to double-post like this.

https://www.adultwork.com/2315335 or https://www.adultwork.com/Brooke+of+surrey

Wondered if anyone had any experience with her while she was in London?  I tried to make an appointment with her and her communication was good until I actually turned up to her area, when I got no reply after trying to call, and ended up going home.  I then got some messages throughout the night apologising and saying that her neighbour had ratted her out to the police, and offering a discount rate if I wanted to re-arranged, as an apology.  I tried to phone her to actually speak to her but she didn't answer and next week she had moved.  Wonder if this was just bad luck and a one-off or if she is just dodgy?

Now working for Gems Camberley, they have a flat on the London Road.

Watch the pricing, listed is very basic, taking off your clothes cost extra

Interesting, wonder if it was a brothel that she was working in before in London as well.  Is there a link to her profile on Gems or anything?

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