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Author Topic: Sexyporsha - Tunbridge Wells  (Read 2389 times)

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So, my first review and actually my first post on UKP. In fact I've only been on 3 punts, and they were all with Sexyporsha (I know, I know, get out there and expand your horizons you'll tell me!)

So came across AW a few months ago and was looking at girls in my local area (around West Kent). There was one that stood out, this one. I was in two minds about the whole thing but found myself going out and buying a PAYG mobile (I'm single so just for my piece of mind really). Popped her a quick text (I didn't know back then that texting was usually not considered to be the right way of going about things) and to my surprise I got a reply. I was in the area for a business meeting and asked her if she was available an hour after my meeting was due to end, she was. Staying in a hotel in the town. Long story short, I had the most amazing two hours of my sexual career.

So as I said I've seen her twice since then, once in January and once at the beginning of March. She's energetic, eager to please and bloody gorgeous. It's gone something like this with her:
Deep kissing with fondling
Slow OWO
Reverse Oral
Sex in every position imaginable

She's also full of surprises, on my second visit she started deepthroat, and I mean proper deep gagging - it was completely of her own volition and my goodness can she take it. She also loves to be slapped, and slapped hard and not just on her arse.

This last visit once she orgasmed from reverse cowgirl (well appeared to, I'm not naive enough to believe it's real!) she proclaimed she wanted to take it up the bum. Now I've never experienced it before, but my goodness she seemed to love it.

I have read on UKP that she was a potential scam, I actually only read that after seeing her the first time. I can promise you she's not. I've had three 2 hour visits (for some reason I love foreplay and can go for hours, it's a curse not a blessing sometimes).

The good bits:
Genuinely lively personality
Cracking body
Excellent comms
Hotel in TWells is very discrete, free on street parking (I didn't want to use the hotel car park) and a backdoor entrance which is open, straight up the stairs without passing reception

The not so good:
I asked her to wear a black dress last time and when I got there it was pink
Fake boobs, bloody good but fake nonetheless

So I'm becoming a creature of habit and am looking to expand my horizons, looking for a classy British girl to visit next time. But when Porsha is in town I think I'll always be tempted...

The Links
https://www.adultwork.com/1818747 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXYPORSHA

12 review(s) found for SEXYPORSHA linked to in above post (10 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline ynotme

Got me excited for a time.  I'm in T W next week and thought I'd book her but seems she's moved to London.

Any other ideas anyone?


Offline Neverspell

Porsha comes and goes but GorgeousClaudiaxxx in Tunbridge Wells is just fantastic...
Banning reason: Prostitute posing as punter

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