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Author Topic: Lara - NaughtyNorthernEscorts  (Read 1090 times)

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Offline nepunter


Young, blonde slim girl - early 20's my guess.
Nice body but had a lot of make-up on
No clockwatching

Doesn't allow fingers inside
No DFK - not very active when it comes to kissing. Lips mostly closed.
Noticed she kept her eyes shut most of the time
Moaning felt a bit fake

Would I see her again? -  No

Offline ollie52

Was waiting for a review on Lara she has been on my to do list for a bit - how enthusiastic was she mate, hate it when they keep their eyes closed at least pretend to be into it.   

Offline Toshiba

Eyes closed= hate what they are doing

They tend to be in this for a year tops, pay off debts, so they want it over as quick as poss

Its a horrible way to make a living imho

Offline Blackhawk

good spot Holycrosser.

i saw Lara last weekend in Sunderland - she is a student living in Durham who is indeed paying off university debts.

despite that i enjoyed my punt - good OWO and a reasonable fuck. i have seen much worse for example Tia from the same agency NNE. not the best but not the worst by any means

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