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Author Topic: Clare aka bigbustyredhead  (Read 1041 times)

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Offline Joe616


Made the mistake of going to see this woman. My regular escort whom I had met from AW had retired and I was local to Clare on a Sunday evening not long ago, and I was horny and she was close and cheap. As you can see, she's not the best looking at all, but I was planning on doing her doggy anyway so I didn't have to look at her face. She lives at the back of a really rough looking estate. I waited outside some houses for about 5 minutes for her to text me the door number. I should've just left there and then.

I finally got the number and knocked. You walk straight into her kitchen as soon as she opens the door and lets you in. She greeted me with a smile and she had the dirtiest teeth I've ever seen. They looked so bad that they made me feel sick. She was nice enough to talk too at first. She doesn't have a bedroom, so it was all gonna take place on her big couch. She said I could do it BB and without thinking, I said "Do I have too?" She laughed and went to get a condom.

We stripped off and she started giving me a BJ without a condom on. She wasn't as great as she makes out on her bio. She asked me to go down on her and "Go at it on my clit piercing" As I went down, I noticed the bottom of her stomach and top of her vagina was covered in cigarette burns. There was loads. The poor hygiene was gonna put me off anyway, but that kind of weirded me out a lot. I told her I wasn't into it anymore and wanted to go. She offered me half of my money back, but then gave me £30 and kept £20 for herself which I guess was nice. She then bollocked me in the kitchen because she turned down a regular client for me who would've gave her the whole £50. I was glad to get out of there and off that estate. I'd avoid people, unless you're into cigarette burns, meth mouth teeth and smelly pussys.

Offline Ali Katt

They're probably not cigarette burns, but some sort of rash.


A minging crackhead council estate prossie who does free bareback?  60 quid an hour? Are you surprised she had a septic trench?

Why don't you just take up BASE jumping instead?  Much better risk:reward ratio.

I see an appointment with the GUM clinic in your future, my boy.

Offline Ali Katt

Agreed go to a Gum clinic in a few weeks time and make sure you get a mouth swab done as well. The cigarette burns could well be some sort of wart.

Offline Vivago

Woah, man.  She is one mean looking, ugly wench.  If I was that desperate to get laid, I would shag the wife. :scare: :scare:

Did not warning bells sound when you read her FAQ, particularly the bit where she says she will fuck Idian men bareback?  Assume she meant Indian.

 Had to chuckle at the question of what she will you wear for you?   A. i will wear what i always wear my leggings.  Hello Waynetta :D

Offline what-a man

Why would any sane man pay his hard earned to fuck that is totally beyond me.

Offline LL

What the fuck were you thinking?!
It's not like there are no other options in this area.  Could you not stretch to spending another tenner to see somebody else?
In what situation would you have to be in to get you to walk away (i.e. as if there weren't enough prompts throughout the story you told)?!?

This is so far fetched and clichéd that I am actually a little sceptical about the report.  It's as if somebody is doing a bit of creative writing based on what their experience might be like after they've studied the corresponding AW profile and looked at the pics.

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