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The day started off unpromisingly, because I'd set my heart on seeing Missybanks. However I'd procrastinated for too long over booking her, and when I finally got around to it, she was fully booked.  Whoops.  I was also tired and not feeling particularly horny, which begs the question, why did I bother punting? The answer is that I'm trying to find the right balance of quality vs quantity for my overall wellbeing at the moment, and weekly punting is part of that.  So in the name of science, I flicked through my adultwork hotlist, made a couple of calls, and came up with... nothing.  It was looking like I'd have to abandon my experiment, when I spotted Sweet Sara's profile, with next to no feedback.  Checking this site, she had no reviews, which meant only one thing: it was time to take one for the team.  Well, fuck it, it was only sixty quid for 30 minutes.

The initial contact was very good. She's Polish, but speaks excellent English. Her communication was the clearest I've seen from a WG in a long time.  After the trouble I'd had finding Mia's place previously, being able to get straight to her gaffe was a relief. The only downside is that the entrance isn't exactly discreet, it's a high-street flat entrance a few doors down from a busy shop.   Luckily there are no flashy neon signs saying "PROSTITUTES HERE! ENTER ALL YE PERVERTTS AND UNLOAD" outside, so unless you spot someone you know, you'll probably be fine.  Just remember to look nonchalant. 

The girl who answered the door was most definitely the one in the photos. She's friendly, well-presented, clean and attractive, in a girl-next-door kind of way. I'd say size 12-14.  Age mid-late 20s.  Her flat was a nice surprise. One downside of fishing at the EE-budget end of the market is having to put up with rather grotty scenes-of-crime, but not this time.  It was tidy and modern, and actually looked a place you might want to live in. The shower even worked properly. 

I came back from the shower to find her naked on the bed, and lay down next to her.  She pretty much immediately started giving me a blowjob, which is generally a good thing, but I'm perhaps a bit unusual for a bloke in that I like to take things slowly. I gently pulled her back up and started kissing her. She kissed me back deeply for a few moments, but then headed straight back down again. This was clearly a woman on a mission.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure the mission was the same as mine, which is why this report is neutral rather than positive.

Anyway, back to blowjobs.  Her OWO technique was really very good, and enhanced by a tongue stud that she uses to excellent effect.  But, just as I was getting into it, she fished around for a condom, got some lube out and started playing with herself, which admittedly was nice to watch. She then asked me "which position would you like, Doggy?". That question always sounds to me like a working girl who doesn't want to do any more work, and I replied I'd prefer to go on top.  She was fine with this, but when I went for more DFK, again, she kissed passionately for about 20 seconds then pulled away.  By this stage the message was pretty clear, so we switched to doggy.  After a few very pleasant minutes of that, I came, and we lay down. I normally enjoy some post-coital affection even on shorter punts, but from her body language it was clear she wasn't keen on that. For some reason, I was starting to feel a bit awkward, so I chatted for a while, then decided it was time to leave.  I was out of the door in a total of about 20-25 minutes. Although she didn't hurry me out, I had felt that the punt was run on her schedule rather than mine.

I'm a bit confused by the whole kissing matter. Normally when girls want to advertise but not deliver it, they'll do that semi-closed mouth thing, which slightly frustrating but generally passable.  Not Sara - she is a good kisser, she just didn't seem to want to do it for an extended period of time with me.  I dunno, maybe I had bad breath or something (although I did eat a fair few mints beforehand to prevent this).  If that's the case, I'd wish she'd said something so that I could have dealt with the problem.   Or maybe I've just been spoiled by my last few punts with Mia, who snogs so enthusiastically you worry that she might actually be trying to eat you.

At 60 quid for 30 minutes, and 80 for an hour, I'd say she's worth a visit if you like the look of her pics, and aren't after a sensual GFE. The kissing and slight rushing thing aside, she provides a decent service.  It didn't set off fireworks for me, but I think that probably had as much to do with a lack of chemistry and my own tiredness as anything else.  I'm glad I didn't book an hour, but I might return for another short booking if I was feeling stupidly horny and just wanted a blowjob.  She was certainly good at those.  Overall, then, a slight feeling of 'meh' with pleasant undertones.. but then I'm a fussy bugger, and others may find her more to their liking.
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Did you see anything of the other girl at the flat? - I think her name is Serena - she has caught my eye and is smaller,slimmer and younger than Sara I think.
They also offer a duo service.


Nope, she did mention that she's a friend from back home though.

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