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Author Topic: Rachel / GFE- Sheffield  (Read 2044 times)

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Offline wristjob

£55/30 mins (basic + OWO)

There are 2 or 3 standout girls at GFE and Rachel (I refuse to use their misspelling) is definitely one of them. I've been planning on booking her for a while but always find a reason not to. Recently there was this https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=23957.msg360666#msg360666 . 2 days previously i'd seen this girl https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=25483.0 and it kind of made me realise something - some of the time shagging a really hot girl is better than a really great shag and I anted to cross a few off my hotlist so I went for it. Course it is possible a really hot girl could be a great shag and cheap too - lol.

I arrive at GFE and mention I have a booking. The receptionish calls Rachel and I wait for a minute or 2. This happened last time I was here - god knows what they are messing about at there. She leads me upstairs - got to say cracking arse. I'd say her face isn't quite as good as her body but wow, she's scorching.

We discuss services. I decide to go for the basic service + OWO. In part I wanted a cheap shag rather than paying too much for disappointment. I guess OWO (if they do decent oral) is more of a must than kissing. That and I had an ulcer so probably best not to.

I undress and lie down and she starts playing with my cock and rubbing her crotch against me. She then moves down to oral and wow - she is definitely in the A-list for sucking cock. Loads of massaging my balls and bah I dunno, I was too distracted to make notes. She occasionally moved up and I think she then realised I hadn't paid for snogging. Her tits were spot on too - not big but they looked great on her small frame, bigger than the pics on the website suggest and really nice too.

Sex - we started in missionary. Not the best to be honest. She kind of did the knee thing so it was hard to get in deep. After a while I suggested a change to doggy and she suggested she lay on her front and I do her that way. Happy with that. Anyway yes that was spot on and a few mins later the inevitable happened. It was weds evening - near the end of her 2 days so I wonder if she was a bit sore - anyway the mish thing wasn't a biggy cos the deed still got done.

Afterwards she didn't really seem in much of a rush. As I got changed she jumped in the shower. I know WGs do use the shower but I've never actually seen it first hand before. Hopefully that will lay the stinky bum rumours to rest (no evidence of that and I was in the firing line).

A few general thoughts: Rachel was very quiet so there wasn't much conversation going down. It is surprising how much good chemistry does affect things. I didn't kiss her but there was a definite whiff of cigs so she smokes or hangs round where people do.


- Stunning looking girl
- Amazing oral


- Stopped me really going for it in mish
- Not much chemistry

On the whole a great punt with a stunning girl. I'll definitely be back and certainly for more services now I know she's good.

Offline Ali Katt

Thanks for the report. The waiting thing has happened to me twice, the girls are having a fag, could you imagine if they allowed that in a high end retailer like Harrods? Wait for the staff to have a fag break before being served.

I'm glad there are still some quality girls in the Steel City.

Offline wristjob

Rachel vanished last year before I could see her again but she recently came back so I booked a long anticipated follow up.

Kissing was very half hearted. Last time the BJ was great - not so this time. Mostly it was wanking and pretty much anything to avoid actually having my cock in her mouth. There was the same knees to the chest  thing that made proper penetration awkward. Not much personality or chemistry as stated previously. I decided to end it all with a CIM and to be fair she took it like a hero rolling it around in her mouth for a good 10-20 seconds.

Offline Rob830

I've seen rachel twice and I've not been impressed. The first time I chose her as she is fucking fit, and the second time was because she was the only one available and I thought the duff first experience may just have been a one off. I wouldn't bother again.
Kissing was a limited to a rather cold peck, I'd rather she didn't bother if that is all the enthusiasm she can muster, it shatters the illusion that she is enjoying it! BJ was poor on both occasions, like you say, she did all she could to not put it in her mouth.
Sex wasn't great either, whether it was mish or doggy she would adopt a position to limit how deep and hard you could go.
 I got a bit fed up this and told her to spread her legs and show me how dirty she was, she got her vibrator out, started talking dirty telling me what she wanted, it was like a completely different woman. When we went back to fucking she was a lot more into it, no knee lifting, let herself, and me, go for it. Maybe she just needs a less passive approach.
As I said at the start, I wouldn't bother again. Maybe it's just me because she seems to get good reviews from others!

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