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Author Topic: any feedback for 'long legged lovely mel'?  (Read 885 times)

Offline rhubarb

 https://www.adultwork.com/2094266   https://www.adultwork.com/LongLeggedLovelyMel

 i'm in 2 minds about this profile and wondered if anyone has seen her? her list of services seem pretty comprehensive but that also raises alarm bells for me (in case she is one of those who promises whatever you ask for on the phone but refuses to do them when you're there).
Her profile also seems to go unopened for days at a time on adultwork so I'm wondering if she's a bit flakey? (she has a mobile number up though so she might just rely on that, but i figure the whole point of this forum is to remove the guesswork from this process, so any feedback greatly appreciated.)

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Offline f_angel

I've seen Mel a couple of times now. She's a great girl, and was up for anything on her list that I wanted. I've found her pretty easy to get by phone.

Offline 8Ace

I've seen her the once, sampled a few things off her likes list including DFK, OWO & CIM. Everything delivered enthusiastically, doubt she'd list anything she wouldn't do. Very pretty, too- actually looks a bit younger than her profile age. Good discrete location, too- main door flat in a quiet Portobello side street.
Really should book a return visit...

Offline rhubarb

Maybe she's taking a break at the moment.. profile's still not updated since last month and there's a hint of family problems in her feedback there too. No answer to phone either.
Maybe the sisterhood can start the jungle drums and suggest she updates her profile to say if she's actually working or not? I like the look of her but I can't be arsed chasing after someone who seems unreliable.

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