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Author Topic: First ever punt - Northampton  (Read 650 times)

Hi, I'm new to this site, and new to punting in general.

I'm at the stage of having chosen a few women, some have their number on their page, I managed to get another via the email on the site.

Do I go for an in or out call?
What red flags do I look for?

How do I come across like this isn't my first time?

My options are:


Offline Taggart

Being 100% honest, I'd give all three a miss.  Reasons:

No.1. Member since June 2013, no feeback, seems part of a group also with none or little feedback. Could be larger than size 12. Doesnt strike me as a regular WG.

No.2.  She's Romanian, they are generally unreliable, tend to be pimped and usually fail to offer the advertised services. Plus, she's not in the UK, accessing from Romania, and last log on was Jan 24. Her last feedback was August 2013, so clearly not a regular WG.

No.3. Been on Adultwork since October 2012, no feedback in 18 months. Last login nearly a month ago.

There's better in the area, have a search for Wellingborough, there's a couple of cuties there who are good value and are genuine. Personally, I'd never visit a lady with zero feedback, or feedback from other punter who only have small single figure feedback of their own.

Offline CoolTiger


Welcome to UKP.

Follow Taggart's comment re the 3 profiles you listed.

Also, have a look at the East Midlands Review Section, and read up on any girls based in the Northants region who interest you. From there, read up their Feedbacks and if you're still not sure, post any queries that you may still have, and other members will give you guidance/opinions.

Hope this helps.


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