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Author Topic: vivian, Blair st  (Read 1603 times)

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Quite a pretty Russian girl, nice figure, in her twenties, good English. Gave me a little snog, bit of touching, covered bj, 69, and a little squirt after doggy style sex. Then a bit of a chat. best experience in a sauna for a while. don't know if covered bj is up for discussion. Also in lounge were regulars, daisy, mature and heavy, Roberta foreign and quite dirty looking, cindy, Gloria, all young enough pretty and foreign. There has been regime change, and new owner is some foreign woman, scot and Kenny are still there, so far atmosphere in lounge at any rate is the same, girls all chatty, and quite keen to be picked, without overdoing it.

If anything, WL, a bit understated. She's a doll with a fantastic body and friendly too.

Yes, Roberta is dirty looking but there's always been better on offer when I've been there; like Vivienne. (I think Vivian's a guy's name.)

Having read some recent positive stuff on my original (mildly critical) thread on Heidi, maybe I'll give her another go if she's on next time I'm in BSS. Though if Vivienne's on........

But before all that, I'm overdue a visit to LSS to fuck Lucy's brains out.

So many girls.....

I do realise the sauna scene's not for everyone but some of these guys that are finding a decent indie punt (or indeed any indie punt) so difficult to come by really should give it a go. As long as you're not one of those guys that just can't go back to a girl a second time, it's a great way (once you know who's who) to get a reliable short notice, cost-effective punt with a girl you really fancy. What's not to like?

Offline Jerry1972

Long time lurker - decided to give my two cents worth.  Who is the foreign woman? I was there a few weeks ago and looks so familiar.  Planned to go there on Tuesday night after closing up work. always thought they would let you in up to 10 but door was locked when I got there a bit after 9.45. Jumped back in motor and raced down to LSS who let me in but nobody available that I wanted so not a great night. Bit of a downer really.

Seems to be nothing worth shouting about in the saunas at moment with a few exceptions. You are sort of right about Vivienne at BS who is very very good at what she does but is lots less willing than last time she was there. More fussy, asks not to finger me too deep, won't do anal now but before she did anything and everything you wanted even BB once you were a solid regular and good tipper. A good standard of service still but if you offer services you cant take it away later but expect to keep customers thats my opinion anyway. Paid that girl well for everything, ATM, BB all and swallowing but now not even OWO. If thats the regime change that you mention Willie not sure its a good one.

If Tuesday was anything to go by LSS seems to be a little corner of Romania now. Heidi is still a looker at BS but was surprised at how old Diana looks. First saw her maybe 8 or 9 years ago in BS she had another name then cant remember it then in LSS i think and have not seen her for a few years but she was there on last visit. She looks like she is in 40s and is getting big to. good looking but much older looking than i expected.

will there still be saunas at all after the licences go? not sure we will be missing much anymore if they go.

One result of regime change, is the good stuff is kept down in the new town, which is still in the hands of the old gang, before they would send popular girls up the road. With respect, if a girl in a sauna offers extras, that's between client and girl, don't broadcast it over the internet, you are giving her problems with her mates, and every tom dick and harry will turn up expecting the same.Just drop a hint, those of us keen on extras will understand. I don't tip for extras, but I share your view, that a service shouldn't be withdrawn if previously on offer. Don't know who the foreign lady is in blair st. As for Heidi, I think she is happy enough with her infatuated regulars, didn't get a great reception with her the last visit, and over the years must have picked her about 16 times. Will be back to see vivianne, that's for sure.

Offline sammy222

Good to know about Vivian/Vivienne thanks, will give her a go.
Don't often look past Paula in there, she's always busy and knows her stuff if you can put up with her constant chat. Roberta looks the part, tried her once and would go back, though you can tell she's going through the motions, and i've given up on Heidi now.
Wondering when the first raid will be in the saunas now the licences are gone....

You are actually safer now the licenses have gone, police can only enter by invitation or with a search warrant.

Offline sammy222

You may be right, I hope you are,  but I'm not convinced.
If they go down the search warrant route then I doubt they will  leave empty handed. At least LSS still have locks on doors, and the uniforms are better!

If there is any threat, it will come from undercover evidence gathering, to present a court case, its just not going to happen,.Wish blair st got different uniforms, used to enjoy sitting in the lounge.

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