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Author Topic: Brooke knights  (Read 3079 times)

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Offline b911


So I finally got to see Brooke a few weeks ago, she had been on my HL for a while but because she's booked up in advance I hadn't got round to seeing her. Finally booked a date a few weeks in advance, our first meet got cancelled but she gave me plenty of notice, so second time it was all go.

First things, her communication was great, we swapped quite a few emails back and forward in the time running upto the meet, discussed what I wanted her to wear etc, she even emailed me some pictures of a new outfit she had got asking if I wanted that instead. Her attention to detail was great asked what kind of music I liked, how i wanted her makeup done, if I wanted to bring some wine etc. in the days running upto our meet her emails got pretty kinky telling me she was gonna eat me alive and that she wanted me to lick champagne off her tits. All in all she seemed as much up for this and as horny about it as I did, which was a major turn on.

Had a bit of trouble finding Brooke's place as the postcode in my sat nav doesnt take you to right in the area of the house but a quick phone call sorted the problem. She met me at the door in a tiny dress killer heels and all glammed up and I couldn't take my eyes off her, she looked like sex on a stick. Very pretty, incredible tits literally bursting out of her top and legs that went on forever.

A bit of chit chat as she took me into the living room where she sat me on the sofa kissed me and pulled my face into her tits. Some touching and kissing of her delicious body revealed she had nothing on under her dress. By his point I have a brick in my pants which she grabs and drags me by to the bedroom.

She got me to strip her and suck her tits and go down on her for a while. Brooke was making all the right noises and moves when she stripped me off and started sucking me off. She did this brilliantly for a while and just when I was thinking condom, she got up lay over the edge of the bed and beckoned me over. She got me into a 69 and she gobbled my dick like a demon. I always like to start off with oral but finish with sex but I couldn't stop her, she was manic, and I actually had no choice but to empty my balls down her throat. Didn't stop there either she kept sucking and licking and wanking until I pretty much had to beg her to stop. I crumpled into a messy heap and has to take a few mins to compose myself. Dunno if she's like that with everyone, but she was wild, gagging for it doesn't even come close.

That set the tone for the rest of the night, we had sex a couple more times and she just wouldn't keep her hands or mouth off my dick.

Il be honest, before I started punting and I was looking into my first punt, I used to imagine that the girls being paid for sex were incredibly hot, absolutely gagging for it and just wild. The stark reality a few years down the line is a humdrum of generally listless fucks, with the odd girl that has real enthusiasm or enjoys the job. This was the fantasy punt that we all day dream about.

I had her on top, mish, doggy, and the last time she wanted to come on her tits.

Her boobs are amazing btw, artfully enhanced and really soft for a boob job, they are pretty big and she loves having her nipples sucked. I would says she's much hotter than in her gallery pics, she's slimmer for def.

I jumped in the shower once we were done while she changed into pjs and got a cuppa on. We had a bit more chat before I left, not once did she look at a clock or hurry me along despite the fact we ran over a bit.

Had to remember to pay her before I left, didn't have a chance when I walked in, she was all over me too fast.

Far and away the best sex I've had, I usually consider myself quite horny but she devoured me, her libido was ridiculous. She could chat away no problem there wasn't a moment of awkwardness in the whole punt and she went out of her way to make me feel like a million dollars. Take note shit service providers, this is what gfe is.

As an all round punt I can't fault it. Brooke is considerably more expensive for 1 hour compared to the going rate around here and it will impact how often I can see her as I like to have longer punts in general. However, if you consider the drivel that is charging £100-120ph currently, £150ph for the experience above is damn good value in my opinion. Plus extra hours are £100.

Would I see her again? Most certainly.

20 review(s) found for BROOKE KNIGHTS linked to in above post (20 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline b911

Apologies for the length, just seen how long it is. For those who cba to read thru it the summary is:
Fucking hot, horny as fuck and screws like a demon in heat. Pricey but well worth it for quality outcomes. Positive review.

Offline pierrot

Ive been trying to book her for ages but its next to impossible to make my diary coincide with hers.
And I see from her blog shes going into semi retirement and regulars only.
Im gutted quite frankly.

Offline Metal Geek

Why is it most of the good ones are going into retirement? Have to say Brooke's fee has always put me off, but sounds like it could be worth a try before she does potentially retire - I just hope this isn't another ploy to attract more custom.

Offline jonas

I'm sold
worried about this retirement talk though. Soon as i make my mind up on these matters it seems to late. Have only once crossed the line despite the all the deliberation

It's difficult making an appointment as she's always fully booked.

Wish she would put when she's available rather than dates she's booked on her AW

Offline b911

She usually has the dates she's free as well and she always responds in a timely manner to emails so a quick enquiry about availability should get a response. I find it difficult to book ahead for a punt as I never know for sure wether I will we able to get away on a particular day and time but then if I don't want to do that I'll see someone else.

Offline kingkong

If you have good reviews on AW etc, She will contact you for a booking, she did with me.

Offline kingkong

She contacted you? Really????

Yes, I tried to book a specific day but she was busy, and a few days later she sent me a message with some dates she can see me. I have seen a few WG's that she knows, so they obviously told her I was good punter :dance:

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