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Author Topic: Kylie flirt  (Read 865 times)

Offline Kram


Seems well reviewed on here and AW

anyone got the low down trying to arrange something for tonight ?

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Offline iPad3

Can't help there I'm afraid but I've got her under consideration for a foursome with a few of her pussy cub friends so will watch this thread with interest.

Offline titanph

Ipad if you do go for a foursome with them, please do a review. Would love to know what the service is like from all of them at once

I'm a bit gutted as it seems nina has buggered off back to wherever...i was planning on arranging a 3sum with her and the girl she mentions on her page carmen francis who by the looks of her in her woodman casting video is rather tidy...although i guess the 3 or 4 years that have passed may not have been kind on her

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