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Author Topic: Adultwork booking system  (Read 919 times)

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I received a booking this morning at 01;49 for a booking to take place at 01:00. It seems a bit strange that the booking system would allow the booking as it was already past the time.

I guess the guy missed the bit on my profile that states that I do not take bookings from via the booking system, not the first

I think that's down to the way the Aw system is set up. If it's hosted in a different country then it won't take account of time differences between the U.K. and where it's hosted. Alternatively they may just use a dumb table that doesn't check the time on their system.

The only way to avoid this is to specify your times and availability which deletes teh times you are not avaialble from the Aw table. I've also noticed that when I've made a booking that's been confirmed the time slot is still available on the AW availability diary which could lead to a double booking?

It's not  a perfect system but it's better than nothing.

As for clients not reading profiles properly, well that's not a new issue is it? Bet you wish you has a quid for every blog entry, feedback comment or profile entry reminding us to "Read My Profile Before Booking or Asking any Questions answered in my FAQ section!!

Offline Jacob

Rather strange.

I know that when I've made bookings the time set for a Prossie to supposedly make contact (in actuality I've already confirmed in most cases) is set to begin for the next half hour and sometimes when filling in the forms it won't work as that time had then passed so it must at least be able to calculate that.

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