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Author Topic: Anyone met Kim?  (Read 1158 times)

Offline Jim

Anyone seen Kim from diamonds.. Like the idea of an 18 year old but Macey sounds a bit rough round the edges..

Offline Jim

Working today on the quayside.. I'm wary - is that where diamonds stick more than one girl?

Offline dino1990

I would like to try her but busy this week, I tried Macey last week and took one for the team. So your turn jim :)

Offline Jim

Haha lol fair point.. Not sure I can .. Was Macey pretty?

Offline dino1990

not really, rough chavvy looking

Offline Highlander

Kim - I have had the pleasure

The good - pretty, tiny, skinny young lass.

The bad - Not keen on being kissed, No fingers inside, doesn't do OWO, v hairy arsecrack!

WNBA (would not bang again)

Offline Highlander

Also can confirm 2 girls 1 flat

Offline Jim

Offline Barry Shipton

Less than glowing review here which seems to back up all of the above including the hairy arse crack so no bait and switch - must be the same girl.


Offline john boy

i might go just to see the hairy arse crack hahaha tbh i am bored with all the shaven pussys now its maybe time a bit bush started to come back into fashion
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Offline nicentrim88

I didn't mind the hair too much wasn't that much of a big deal.  But fuck me her fanny was stinking. I thought someone had tipped a wheelie bin over.  :vomit:

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