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Author Topic: Camden / Kings X Area  (Read 1110 times)


new to all this, so was hoping to get some tips on decent WG's in this area. Work nearby so was looking for a bit of lunchtime de stress not too far from the office. Not particularly bothered about age or ethnicity but do like them to be "into it". Early 50's so they need not to have "issues" with the more mature man. Dont' want a lot do i?


There are a few but what is your budget and how long? also maybe set your sights a little lower with the age - lots of very good WG's between 30-40 that are very good in that area. I would not punt with a 50 year - however that is my own personal preference

Thanks for the reply password - its me thats early 50's mate  :lol: - not bothered about their age, just dont want to try and arrange a meet with a WG that minds lets say "the more mature" gent. Maybe thats not an issue for any of them, just me being paranoid?

1 hour / 1 1/2 hours happy to go to 130 / 140 PH for the right girl, would prefer to pay that for the 1 1/2 hour though. reading this forum you obviously need to be a bit careful, and there are a few WG's ive looked at on AW who look the part, and then ive looked here only to see they are either crap punts, or "dodgy"


Whats the post code nearest to you NW1 or N1? what is your fav or best code to visit?

NW1 mate  - in Camden but at the Kings x Morning Crescent end. Kings X station (or Euston ) about a 10 minute walk.

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thank you mate - much appreciated. Looks Like i Have missed Dee for the time being - might wait til shes back in the area


Her AW profile says she is in Euston up to 5pm? give her a call as she may have a cancellation?

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