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Author Topic: Deluxe Maya  (Read 886 times)

4 review(s) for KIM BOMBSHELL (0 positive, 0 neutral, 4 negative) [Indexed by Ludwig]

First and only time I punt with a Romanian  :dash:


About the Venue

A house in Canton, looked nice from the outside but the room was not great. Single bed that was not made, no music, bag left in the middle of the floor. You get the idea. Not the worst place I've ever seen but not a relaxing environment.

About Maya

Firstly the pics are definitely airbrushed and while she does look like the girl in the pics she doesn't live up to expectations. Again, not bad just not great.

About the Meet

This is where it all fell apart. As soon as the paperwork was sorted she stripped straight away and asked me to do the same, no offer of a shower (not that I needed one). Onto the bed and she started to play with my cock and balls. So far so good I thought as she had a good technique. Then out of nowhere a condom comes out for covered oral. Asked about OWO but no go. This girl is not good at sucking cock. The one saving grace she had at oral was that she can deep throat. At this point I didn't even want to consider going down on her so when she asked if I was ready to fuck I just said yes. Started with her on top and while she likes to grind the tempo and rhythm were all over the place. Moved into mish after about 10 mins, got her legs on my shoulders and went at it. No hint of even the token back rub between pops and after a couple of mins she asked if I was ready to go again. More covered oral followed by her climbing on top again. She seemed to get a lot more into it this time around and I got some nice deep penetration. Switched to doggy and one thing I will give her is that she has a cracking ass on her. Her profile says she loves anal but from the look of it while in doggy she has never had a cock go anywhere near it and after the covered oral I couldn't even be bothered to ask. So I just pounded away on her til I came again. 50 mins into a 1 hour punt at this point and I decided to call it a night rather than waste another 10 mins there.

2 positives I will give her are - good deep throat and a nice tight pussy.

The Verdict

Lack luster, not what was expected from the profile, no kissing, no OWO. Wouldn't go again and would advise others not to bother. Everything I have heard about Romanians is apparently true.

The main lesson I took away from this one was that if I haven't seem a review for them on UKP before then only go for a 30 min punt  :(

Offline SirFrank

 I see she's now in Portsmouth. Shame cos she looks a dirty cunt
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