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Author Topic: CUTE MONI - Leeds  (Read 2563 times)

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Offline wristjob

https://www.adultwork.com/2360038 or https://www.adultwork.com/CUTE+MONI%29

£50/30 mins.

This is going to be a very strange report. It could really go positive, negative or anywhere in between.

I was passing Leeds on business and did a quick search in the area and Moni came up. She's absolutely lovely and in my experience too good to be true for that price. In the past I've had WGs at this kind of price who were as good as the pics but recently I've suffered from a load of bait and switch and it's made me more than a bit sceptical. I certainly wouldn't drive out of my way for almost certain disappointment. Anyway I call up "are you the girl in the pics" "yes" "are you sure..." "yes" "any extras?" "CIM £20". The extra is good in a way - in my experience girls who charge for extras do what they say they do on the list as opposed to getting there and finding out she does next to nothing.

I get to Leeds and ask for directions. It's Clarence Dock and boy has it changed since I was there last and I have no clue which building is the right one. I call Moni a couple of times and she's less than interested in giving directions - and her English is a bit lacking. Anyway it takes me about 20 mins and I'm tempted to jack it in but I find it when i'm walking back to my car. I knock on the door - she looks a bit different to the pics (it is definitely the correct girl) but nice enough. Not exactly glammed up - basically bra, pants, t-shirt. Also in the apartment was her friend (BUSTY JESSY on AW). Moni has unusual features - look at the pics on AW and you'll see - she looks very different from different angles. Sometimes she can look stunning and sometimes she's a bit plain.

I'm offered a shower which I take (not a lot of towels, wish I hadn't really) and go into the bedroom. She basically leans over me and plays with my cock. I ask her to take her bra off which she does - OMG what a pair of tits. After a min or 2 I suggest she sucks my cock which she duly does. The clever readers will spot a pattern developing here. Probably the worst blow job ever and after a couple of mins she hints at putting a condom on - I ask for more oral and she carries on. During this I'm getting to notice more of her body and it's stunning - she says size 6 and I'd agree, but she is quite tiny probably just a bit over 5 feet (which is nice). Her tits though - just awesome, firm, perfect.

Anyway I try a bit of kissing - she does it pretty much just lips and no enthusiasm at all. After a while we move on to sex. I start in mish and then we move into doggie - it's all a bit awkward telling her what to do because of the language barrier. Throughout she makes nice sounds - not PSE OTT but realistic moans like she's actually really enjoying it. That's pretty much how I like it so that was fine.

After I came she runs out the room and I hear the shower going. I still have 10 mins on the clock but after a minute or 2 of waiting I start getting dressed. She then comes in - sees me getting dressed and follows suit. She does ask if I'm ok a couple of times - she actually seemed a bit surprised I was going and I'm sure if I had wanted to waste the other mins doing whatever she would have been good with it. I feel a bit disappointed because I kind of got short changed, but I did it myself really by not really reading things right.

To be honest the shower thing was positive in a way - sometimes you imagine these girls shagging 50 guys in a day and hardly ever going near the showers so all good.

The overriding feeling was she was apathetic. When I asked her to do stuff she was happy to do it but she didn't really seem very enthusiastic. On the flip side she's absolutely gorgeous - her face is nice but her body is amazing and I'll definitely try to get my grubby mits round it again sometime. I guess here's the thing - an orgasm is an orgasm and we could all save loads of money by having a wank. What I often want in punting is "an experience". A truly great shag is an experienc, but so is an average to crap shag with a girl who you just find so smoking hot.

Reading all that I think I'll be outed as the worst kind of fluffy.

2 review(s) found for CUTE SYLVIA) linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline bod666

Great review chap. That sounds a bit of a "neutral" to me but then she's cheap and sounds hot so i can see how you'd struggle.
I am fairly sick of lacklustre ee wg experiences so you're really helped me as i'll be giving her a miss. And by posting a review in this mostly dead section you've encouraged me to share my leeds punting experience from last night ;)

Offline wristjob

I'm playing catch up so I have a couple more reviews to post. I will see Moni again I'm sure cos I really did find her that attractive and I think I could get more out of her if I push more. Hopefully I'm right but we'll see.

Glad I encouraged you - there could be more here.

Offline philSide

Reading all that I think I'll be outed as the worst kind of fluffy.

Great review. Thanks. One thing: what's a fluffy? (I have bad feeling I've just outed myself as one, too, by asking the question!)

Offline wristjob

Great review. Thanks. One thing: what's a fluffy? (I have bad feeling I've just outed myself as one, too, by asking the question!)

Congrats on your first post. I guess a fluffy is someone who falls in love or gets a bit too emotionally attached to a girl. There is a cure for it though - shag a different girl,.

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