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Author Topic: Possible Edinburgh scammer: lilly loves anal  (Read 1114 times)

Offline Kaffeine Monsta

Yes. I private messaged her my mobile number to propose we meet. She emailed me a few times and she has feedback. Then I got a text saying I'm subscribed to "Cellso-Babes" (?) for £3 a week. She's the only broad I've giving my number out to.

Tried to text 66033 or something to unsubscribe, but it won't do it. Bah!  :bomb:

Offline david4u

No more on Adultwork                            Gone....

Offline Kaffeine Monsta

I actually booked her and was really keen to see her, as it seemed she was really into anal. Then I remembered Eva was leaving so I said to Lily that I would try to book her later. It was something of a dream of mine to see an Australian babe and she was going away. Lily said it was okay and she was quitting after March. Eva wanted less than what 'Lily' here was charging, but I did want to put my cock in that fine looking ass (yes, it was in her private gallery). I don't get it why half these photos are kept hidden. They are not really special enough for paying to see, although since I intended to book her, I was a bit curious.

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