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Author Topic: This is insane! Selling sex legal but punters to be criminalised  (Read 3309 times)

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At the moment I don't advertise a 'selling sex' so I presume prostitution will just go under a different guise such as 'massage', 'companionship', and perhaps continue under 'escort', after all I'm selling my time not my services.

I hope this law doesn't come in, one thing the feminazis don't think of is how I'm going to pay my bills once the punters are scared off! They are a bunch of moralistic idiots who fight for women rights over their own bodies but not for us to sell sex!

They dont care how you would then get on, they are protecting you from all us abusing punters as they see it. They also are fully aware prostitution cannot be stopped, this law would simply drive it further underground in reality making it less safe than now for WGs and punters. Now they couldnt care less about punters of course, but they purport to care about WGs, but will be prepared to see them work less safely.

I presume they view any hurt due it being less safe as acceptable collateral damage to them, shame on them.

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Easily got round if necessary, do what i do and NEVER use a card on A/W, i only contact WGs with displayed phone numbers. I dont do business directly with A/W.

Using a card on AW doesn't necessarily prove you've paid for sex. Many guys email, book even and never follow through, others like webcamming and chat lines. Many just look at the photos.

I can imagine the following scenario:

A woman saunters along the high street wearing a scarlet basque, fishnet stockings and high heels.  A man in a shabby raincoat sidles up to her, says something, and hands her an envelope.

The boys in blue leap out of hiding and grab the guy and the envelope: which contains a card saying "WHY DON'T YOU GO CATCH SOME REAL CRIMINALS?"

Later they exchange contact details online, have a good laugh about it, and meet in a hotel for a paid shag.

I can imagine the following scenario:

If this becomes law, then I think for the first 4-6 weeks, there will be a big clamp down, on guys paying for sex, and I think the police will use every tool there have at there disposal to catch the guys

after 6 weeks I guessing the police activity will be reduced, but at some time, maybe 9 months later, they will have another operation aimed at catching more guys paying for sex

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I can't work out when this actually becomes law
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I can't work out when this actually becomes law

It isn't. It's at the proposal stage.


I can't work out when this actually becomes law

There's no guarantee it will.  There are all sorts of these proposals, and very few of them actually make it onto the statue books.

IIRC there is only one more session of parliament until the next election, and that's a short one.  The govt would have to timetable it first.


My guess is that it won't happen in this parliament, but if Labour get into power, Harman may push it through.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Do you bother reading any of the other threads in this forum? I don't think so.

I replied to dp1817 as the heading grabbed my attention, I've checked the links you supplied and frankly none of the Headings would have made me read them to realise they were the same subject....


In Guardian today - think on...

Uh Oh - Tomorrow's Independent

Nordic Model Would You Change The Way You Punt

Possibly the last one might have piqued my interest but it was not as 'Grab you by the throat' as

This is insane! Selling sex legal but punters to be criminalised

We obviously react to different things  :hi:

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