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Author Topic: WTF!  (Read 964 times)

Offline Pauluk1

They say you can tell a womans age from her hands.
Look at this ones verification pic.
You'd have a fucking shock if you didn't check and saw her in the flesh.


Online Stapler

.....and she lists hand relief in her Enjoys list!

24 years old? I don't think so!
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Offline vorian

Jesus, I mean I know most prossies will push the profile age, but 24 really, there is taking the piss and then there is really taking the piss.
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Offline Taggart

40 if she's a day. Probably was previously worker in the Dacia factory.

Offline Riot Doll

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This is just awful. I wonder if they (the people who make the profiles) just pay some random, older ladies to pose for a picture or two... I sincerely do hope that they're at least getting paid for this very public humiliation.

Each to their own............................. :crazy:

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