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Author Topic: Conservative girl charging insane fee  (Read 3059 times)

Offline vorian

I found one tonight with the price of the private gallery was £500 !

Got to see that,  please could you post an AW link.
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Q.  Do you offer bb?
A.  I'm new to this but I'm not stupid

Real answer.....it will cost you an additional £500

Offline Ali Katt

It's just another web cam seller who fancies getting a bit more business by pretending to be available as an escort.

Mind you if Dani thinks web cramming earns several hundred quid a day, she's got a more optimistic view of that activity than I have.
Webcam and PG seller. Her movies indicate she is a barebacker, of course, she will say it is her ex.

Offline Gordo987

She's fuckin' ugly. Looks like a skanky, cocaine-addicted, council estate, chav whore. Wouldn't waste more than a fiver on her.

So, do you like her or not?  :crazy:
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Offline Gordo987

Nice arse though:

I'd fuck her if her rates were reasonable :thumbsup:
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