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Author Topic: Vanesa - Edinburgh  (Read 2312 times)

Hi there

I've been reading here for a while but this is my first post. Has anyone seen Vanesa from ES? She been on for a long time but I can't find any reviews of her?


Offline BigMan

Offline BigMan

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I asked the same on a previous thread.

I keep saying that I'll take a gamble and go and see her but at the last minute I get side-tracked, maybe just go along this weekend.

I spoke to Becky Carlyle about her, both were on Northern Angels at the same time but she didn't have any info about her, this was back in 2008/09 and she was using the same pics, so they're def 5 years out of date and probably even older.

If I do go along I'll post a review or if anyone sees her before would be great to get some more info.

Offline SlyScot

I still remember trying to get a meet with Dana from northern angels (must have been around the same time maybe a bit earlier).
Got as far as talking to her on the phone but could never manage a time we were both free.

Anyone know what happened to her ?

Offline DrNo

Did you manage t see her Tony?

I've not yet!

I still think it's going to be a fake profile.

I do have some spare time this weekend and I need a booking badly!

Since there's only a couple of profiles on AW that interest me just now then I might just take the gamble and give her a call.

I will report back if I see her.

Good find, same pictures.

Looks like if I go I'll need to have some excuse ready in case if I need to do a runner.

Finally went to see Vanessa and wasn't disappointed.

See review https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=28871.0

Would definitely return

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