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Author Topic: xxx Hannah xxx  (Read 3176 times)

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My first review and thought I would do it like an Adultwork FR.

Saw Hannah for an 1 hour incall, £80 for an hour well spent. https://www.adultwork.com/xxx+Hannah+xxx

About the Venue

Nice and easy to find apartment in Windsor Quay. Clean and tidy but the bedrooms are pretty empty and bare. But hey, I wasn't there for the decor. You are asked to remove your shoes on entering as everything is magnolia and cream. Towels provided in the room which had a bed, chest and not much else. Soft music in the background.

About Hannah

Pictures do not do her justice. As soon as she opened the door I was impresses, and at this point she was only wearing casual clothes! Glasses kept on throughout but they don't cause any problems and give her a nice sexy look. She does have tattoos and for me that was a bonus as I love body art (being quite covered myself) but there aren't the usual tramp stamps. Very tastefully done.

About the Meet

Hannah opened the door in casual clothes but as I hadn't expected lingerie in a block of apartments I wasn't to bothered, shoes off at the door and led through to the bedroom, didn't see anyone else on the short walk so I think they have this timed so "clients" don't bump into each other, nice touch. Shower declined as I had one before visiting and Hannah disappeared for 2 mins after sorting out the paperwork. When she returned my jaw hit the floor. She returned in purple lingerie and looked absolutely stunning, I knew at this point I was about to have a lot of fun  :D Straight into french kissing which turned into DFK very quickly while she played with my cock. I moved down to taste her pussy which was sweet and nicely trimmed. She seemed to genuinely enjoy having her clit played with and I made her cum 3 times in about 15 mins, she gets VERY wet and is a grinder. She then man handled me onto my back and moved straight into OWO. Good technique and she makes a good attempt at DT. On with the condom and into missionary with lots of kissing. Moved through a few different positions then back into mish to finish off with long, deep strokes. With less than 20 mins of the meet at this point I knew that another pop was out of the question but after a quick chat and relax Hannah was once again playing with my cock. She tried her hardest bless her to make me cum again with her mouth and hands and after over running by 10 mins she finally made it happen  :P No clock watcher this one.

The Verdict

I think there is only 1 question I need to answer here, would I go again? And the answer is - Without a seconds hesitation. Once she is back from holiday I will be paying another visit.
Hannah has a real gift at the GFE and this didn't feel like the average punt, more like an one night stand full of passion and danger. I can definitely recommend and at £80 it's a steal.

Offline SirFrank

Sounds like she's worth a visit. Just out of interest was it natural or were there lots of fake moans? Had a few good punts with the Cardiff girl groups but the acting is a little lame on times
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Started with a couple of fake sounding moans but unless she is the worlds greatest actress these changed very quickly.

Can't beat when you hear a girl say "oh my god" in a slightly surprised tone after a few minutes  :D

Offline SirFrank

Cheers mate. I'll have to arrange to pay her a visit when she gets back - especially if she likes having her kebab eaten. Yum
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Just got back from another hour with Hannah. Every time seems to get better  :D

However, some sad news guys.

Hannah is going home on the 25th and doesn't know if she will be coming back, from chatting to her I'm guessing she is getting too many idiots showing up.   :dash:

Offline Hormann

Saw her this week and was very pleased.

No English at all but no clock watcher, pretty and cracking bod.

A great punt after a series of recent rubbish.

Offline wonky

Visited Hannah a few weeks ago. I'm afraid I'd give her a neutral.

Great body and did the full service but just got the disinterested feeling from her. I can confirm she didn't click watch at all though.

I've seen Hannah twice:

First time in April 2013 and was ensational - she scored 9/10 on Body, Personality & Experience.

"nd time was in March this year - she'd lost a bit of her flair, but the body was just as good. 9-8-8 scoed.

I see she's in Liverpool now. Shame..... Truly great service provider

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