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Offline dami3n

after suggestions she may have been working from the same location as Cindy who i reviewed recently curiosity invited me to investigate

https://www.adultwork.com/1883016 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%5FJulia%3B%29 my intention was to line them up back to back for half hour each but Cindy was not on the phone - possibly busy ...anyway

visiting a gym nearby and the abundance of bikini clad flesh and heaving brestices in the pool set my pulse racing and the presence of potentially skilled local talent to deal with the matter at very short notice proved irresistible.

set it up with 20 minutes notice, concealed my boner and jumped out of the pool, changed and swift exit for the car, by the time i got the text as suspected it was the same postcode as cindy 10 minutes from goodmayes station.

an older lady showed me to the room upstairs, on my way up i saw cindy doing the dishes :) - she looked different with her kit on ;)

Julia walks in on time and i didn't know what to expect but initial instict was bait and switch? her pics hinted at someone a little darker skinned (or tanned) but in reality she was paler and a little wobbly round the middle, looks nice enough, pear shaped with wide hips and ass on her small B cups with responsive nipples it's definitely her - just didn't know what to expect as the pics ...like cindys are pretty non descript - poor really

she's dressed down though i didn't ask her to dress - it's off in 10 secs and I was there for a 30 minute evaluation anyway. she strips off instantly, grabs dami3n junior as she looks intently into my eyes and snogs my face to pieces, her tongue action was bit OTT but i soon set her straight and she is one fiesty chick, her OWO carried on from where the kissing left off, tongue flicking, eye contact, proper DT and jamming dami3n jr. down the back of her throat is no mean feat (ahem!) - damn good for sure

invited her into 69 didn't think she was feeling it that much so requested the rubber which she slipped on with her mouth and went cowgirl - hard, she was bucking and grooving to the music as she furiously fingered her clit - crazy stuff, after a good ride we went mish and she she took it well, then standing doggy on the edge of the bed ...all the time the large mirror providing good coverage of the action,

took her for the full half hour with no clock interruptions but keen not to outstay my welcome asked her if we could finish in oral/CIM and here comes the negative - she was rubbing her clit and sounded like she was on the verge and grabbing me deeper and asked i finished "like this" (thrusting in mish) would have liked to finish MY session not hers on my terms but insisting at that point would have meant IF she did it would be unwilling so I popped in the condom - she cleaned up, i thanked her for her hospitality, mid dressing up she wraps her arms and legs around me snogs me hard and send me on my way with a wink and goodnight from another hooker downstairs  :D

all in all positive as it was good shag and she was very involved and worked it in cowgirl and doggy while i caught my breath, would revisit, she was generally willing and i think if i'd asked again or insisted she would have done CIM but perhaps shes not that fond of it ...if so don't advertise it - i can't be sure

so VFM i picked up a large pizza on the drive home and streamed the footy late kick off - all in for less than the price of stadium admission never mind the half time sherbert :thumbsup: - score!

also thanks for the mentions from other guys on the board, she has previous good recs on here so it wasn't a risk to begin with
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