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Author Topic: Annie-Blair Street  (Read 1354 times)

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Not long back from my latest visit to Blair Street Sauna and again I was left fulfilled and happy.

I got to Blair Street today and paid for my usual half hour and found out 5 girls where working but 2 where available at the time. After I had my shower I went through to the Lounge and saw Annie and Gloria. If I'm honest, I think I should've gone with Gloria but she was making coffee for another guy that came in. I took Annie downstairs to have some fun.

Annie claims to be German, I'm not sure but she did have a wee chuckle when I pointed out I will remember her name as she is now known as "Germ-Annie" (Germany) to me. Annie has long dark hair, a small neck tattoo, an all over tan, small tits and a really tight, tiny frame.

Started off with some lovely kissing and kissing all over of her very trim figure. She pulled out a mint condom and asked if I wanted oral with or without, I chose without. She was quite good but didn't last very long. I licked her for a wee bit and then got her to put the condom on me.  The condom was really tight but then again, I've always had that problem/blessing. Her pussy was really tidy, cute and shaved. We had sex with me on top, her on top and doggy style with her finishing me off with oral while I still had my condom on so I couldn't spray over her.

She then gave me a 5 minute back massage which was quite nice. Overall, Annie was really nice and I feel I would've had a much better time with her if I was in a better mood before I turned up. Very positive review!

I too enjoyed my time with annie.

Offline Mark321

Do they  charge you a entry fee there?

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