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Author Topic: since i started i want more and more. you?  (Read 2782 times)

Offline Aspen

Its a no brainer really. They do it because they can and they damn well know they can get away with it

Funny how they complain so much when they discover their OH is going elsewhere.

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Offline akauya

Funny how they complain so much when they discover their OH is going elsewhere.

it's just as bad when they spend a lifetime trying to change the man's habits and then complain that he's not the man they married... women, bloody nutcases  :rolleyes:


Some women (we're mainly talking about 40+ right?) will have a sudden hormone drop thanks to the menopause, others just can't be arsed or feel like they're that far into their marriage they don't have to bother because he won't leave.

Totally agree - I have been punting for 18 months and really enjoy the looking, researching and then having the punt. Makes its a enjoyable experience for me - The wife has totally gone off sex for ALL of the above reasons and thats why I punt with more girls and all young in the 19 t0 30 age range - I try and limit to a max average of 2 a week - sometimes its 3 and sometimes its 1 per week - but when i did start punting it was like a kid in a sweet shop - I went through a phases where it was 1 per day for a few weeks and then nothing for a few weeks before settling down to when ever funds permit out of the AW slush fund

Offline Lea

This is all well and good as long as you can afford this hobby. However, if not, things can really get rather unpleasant...

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