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Author Topic: Angie Soho: Crash course on how to waste £32 in 10 minutes  (Read 1703 times)

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First thing first: I didn't come. I mean, I couldn't.  :dash: It's that bad but still it's neutral rather than negative because it could me rather than her. Anyway, you decide yourself.

After checking some feedbacks on here(http://sohowalkups.wikispaces.com/Angie) and there, I decided to give her a visit after work. The place is very easy to find. Rang the bell and an old lady opened, '15 minutes' she whispered. 'Sure', I replied, whispering back and left the building. I walked up and down the street for some time and went back. She took me in this time and here the adventure begins!  :dance:

She's like 175, size 10 brunette with nice stockings. Brunettes are not my type really but that's fine, she looked good. The wiki page says she's very friendly and quite raunchy but she looked cold and uninterested. I thought that's fine, it's only the first minute! We went in room, dark and reddish decoration. She asked what I want. I said, this is my first time and don't know really.  :unknown: Then she said basic sex is £20, oral is £10 and different positions £x (cannot remember).

Without thinking much, I gave £30. She asked another £2 for the old lady outside and I said yea sure and she left with the money.

I've undressed and she came back in 3 minutes. Undressed and asked me to lay down and relax. Very nice boobs, if you're into that. Anyway she started giving oral on condom which was OK actually although nothing special. I would prefer to start with some cuddling and kisses but didn't ask(shame on me). I stopped her after some time and went on that 'basic sex' where she lays down and I'm on top. This is where things started going a bit weird. She looked sooo uninterested and silent so I too started losing interest. Realising we aren't going anywhere, I asked her if we can go back to oral  :rolleyes: She said no, I cannot do it twice.. Fair enough, I replied and asked for hand relief. Hand job was not good either really. After realising again that it isn't going to happen, she asked, politely, if I'm tired. I said I don't know really and asked how many minutes we have left. She replied 'not much, you should come now'. At that point it was less than 10 minutes I've been in. Anyway that was the finishing line for me. I said OK, let's stop now. She didn't object and said at least we tried. I nodded and and left.

Well this is my first review, I wish I could write something more exciting but that's exactly what happened. It was my first punting so probably I was a bit nervous / emotional as well. That's why it's neutral, someone else would probably enjoy her much more than me  :unknown:

Thanks for reading!

Offline Festisio

Sounds like a dreadful amsterdam window session.

I'd recommend going to a proper prossie next time.  One with feedback here who will give you a good time.

Have a browse on Adultwork

This is where things started going a bit weird. She looked sooo uninterested and silent so I too started losing interest. Realising we aren't going anywhere, I asked her if we can go back to oral  :rolleyes: She said no,
Angie has been in Soho for at least 10 years. Imagine how many blokes she's had on top of her! 1000s!
Even in her prime she was neverl that proactive, but now she is going through the motions in an almost grotesque fashion. This was proven to me during an awfully boring quickie experienced fairly recently.
I'm tempted to feel sorry for her, as she is a nice woman, but feel that Angie should stop taking punters money now. If she can't even feign interest any longer, why bother?

Sorry to hear your dreadful story dude. It sounds like a 15 mins quickie n limited service provided.

Next time, like Festisio said, pick a girl on aw that you really fancy and with many positive feedback, book with at least 1 hour, so that you will have enough time to relax and enjoy.

Offline el-fei

Sorry to hear that. I've seen Angie many times she's very beautiful and has an amazing body and I always have a top time, including fingering, kissing and on occasion giving me 2 pops in half an hour. She see's a lot of people, I think she prefers longer sessions.

Soho is proper bargain basement mate. Does what it says on the tin but it's the lowest most routine form of conveyor belt commercial sex in the world.

Instead of spending 30 quid for 10 minutes, spend 60 for 30 minutes with a reccomended girl and you will have a much different experience.

Thanks guys... I know what you mean really, you're right. :hi: My next punt will probably be someone friendly from HOD. I made a bad assumption for my first punt haha..


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