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Author Topic: leeea from near Glasgow, Renfrewshire  (Read 628 times)


I've had Leeea on my hot list on AW for a while and she does seem like the kind of girl that I'd like to meet, My concern is that she only has 5 feedbacks and is never on the site, I was wondering if any guys had met her and would they recommend a visit.  :)   

Not seen her, but seems like a safe punt from the 2.8 year old feedback. I would send a message asking if she would log in to her account to confirm the meeting before you go. (Say that you value the AW feedback system). If a girl tries to back out of using the AW booking system that would be a red flag for me.

Thanks for the advice, I don't tend to go for girls with low feedback but I do like her profile, ideally I'd like to hear from a couple of guys how have met her.

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