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Author Topic: Raani Rai  (Read 5494 times)

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I hope that she turns out to be a good booking

I may look to book her in the future if I hear good things about her

Offline dino1990

was thinking of booking but £70 for 30 mins and no OWO put me off.

Offline dino1990

i have a apt for monday

Hi Alenski,

please let us know how it goes.

Offline alenski

i saw raani this afternoon and she totally lived up to my expectations.she shares a flat with a friend [duos available] about  a half mile  along the main road from gateshead stadium metro.the bedroom is quite attractive the woman herself  more so.she has really black long hair,big boobs,beautiful backside and  a very attractive face.she likes to kiss and will do so freely  and without hesitation.she is very well spoken,intelligent and laughs a lot and  will give you her enthusiastic  attention. she does a very good all over massage using her breasts and a touch of oil.she  did give me OWO  but i was very clean and very well trimmed on her likes she said this is optional so it all depends on you.she offered me sex obviously i said no.overall i would say she is certainly worth seeing and loves her job.i am returning next monday.

Offline dino1990

I had a booking with Ranni last week. My best booking this year so far.

Very sexy indian girl with amazing firm tits and gorgeous ass. Lots of deep kissing and horny owo. Sex in load of positions. Will defiantly go ahead and can see her becoming a regular.

Offline Toshiba

was thinking of booking but £70 for 30 mins and no OWO put me off.

Seems she does owo?

Offline dino1990

Seems she does owo?

either that or was an invisible rubber. her profile used to mention covered oral hence my previous comment.

was thinking of booking but £70 for 30 mins and no OWO put me off.

Yep, me too - pleased to hear you enjoyed :)
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Hmmm, just when I was about to try arrange to see Jade Heart I read this.

That has certainly put a ? On my next punt.....

Dino how long did you see her if you don't mind me asking

Offline Gaz Up North

Has anyone tried her "Erotic GFE session" for £200?
(it sounds good)  :thumbsup:
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (Gaz Up North, NE lad)

Offline alenski

, it starts very slowly with a bubble bath,candle lit bathroom and a large glass of wine [your choice] ,this  is so romantic like having a real girlfriend.we gently kiss and slowly massage each other all over hands here,there,everywhere.this continues for about 15 mins at which time she steps out,i quickly follow and we towel each other down.by this time i was quite hard and feeling very excited.what next?we enter the bedroom  and of course its also lit by candles with the main light switched off , music softly playing in the background this is so good i think to myself.she flips me over onto my front and gives me a serious massage from head to toe so relaxing.flipped once again she gives me oral sex [without]kissing and licking  and gently tickling my balls she takes me to a higher plane.does it get better?yes indeed she sticks her finger up my ass probing for the prostate gland  finds it ,slowly stimulates it rocking her finger back and forth at the same time sucking me into insensibility.wow this is really special.this is where the sex part enters the pictures i do not normally indulge due to medical reasons but i am sure raani is just as good in this area as she is in the rest.if you are looking for a totally relaxing sensual time  with a beautiful,attractive woman then you have just found it!

Gents just a question..... Are Raani's tits real

I'm guessing you've seen her than dexter? How'd did you find Her?

Raani used to be Tamzin at Escorts North East if that helps.

Offline quickbeam

Oh she's Tamzin?
I went to see her about 3 years ago at ENE, when I 1st started punting.
Great lass, really put you to ease and lovely to talk to.

From what I can recall, lovely soft and smooth body.
Can't recall if tits were fake then.
Was enthusiastic giving owo and on top.

Think I might book her now, since its been so long.
Not many asian (indian etc) at the moment. Ene used to have a few great ones like Zara, Tamzin and Naomi.
But Tamzin/Raani would be worth a visit. 

Offline dino1990

boobs feel really good, yes they are fake but nice and heavy. Her ass is amazing as well. WOuld put her down as around very very early 30s. YOu won't be disappointed.

I wondered where tamzin had gone too, never got to see her when she was at ENE- I think a new trip in the making here

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