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Author Topic: Toothy blow jobs  (Read 3422 times)

Offline G-Raw

It would definitely spice things up, although have never experience it. The only thing I have experienced recently is a WG sucking so hard that my johnny was hurting for the next 3 days. :dash:

Offline wristjob

I saw a Polish girl about 2 years ago and I had to ask her to calm down a bit on my cock a couple of times. The following day it had scrapes down it- freaked the shit out of me. I was semi casual with this girl at the time so had to make excuses for a few days.

like Vorian says, it's a sign they have no fecking clue.

I usually hate toothy blow jobs but once I had a blowjob from emma butt and it was great, was in my top 5 for sure. I ejaculated everywhere shot my biggest load.

Total turn off as far as I am concerned. A good BJ should replicate penetrating a twat. A toothy BJ is like having your prick sandpapered, or possibly like having sex with somebody who has a very nasty STD (that's just a guess, I hasten to say!)

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