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Author Topic: Raisa/Rochelle romanian in w2  (Read 1420 times)

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you can find her above and other agencies

close resemblance to pics but not as pretty.
nice breasts but further apart than shown
tall-about 6ft 1 in heels so must be at least 5ft 7

large clean basement in w2
shares with other wg
bathroom high quality


Opened the door and although a bit less attractive than pics and
not really my type she was still more than doable.
i was instructed to leave my shoes at the door and went down the
corridor to her room at the back of the flat.the bathroom is en suite and
was clean modern and stylish.

now the fun begins...or not.

in the same breath as asking how i was she asked for her "little
present". no problem with that just her manor wasn't very warm.anyway i got
out the cash and after she agreed with my required services
i handed it over(150ph).

we start kissing a little bit but she is doing this
pecking nonsense and almost pulling away at the same time.
at one point she said abruptly said "dont pull me" which i hadnt
and gave me daggers...at this point i should have bailed,sensing an attitude.

the highlights/lowlights

She is bossy and likes things her way.this involved
her explaining to me what french kissing is,she doesnt really like
tongues in her mouth as told me she "sucked a lot of cocks and it wasnt nice"
when attempting to give her ro(she does have a nice pussy btw) she would push
me away with her leg placed on my shoulder("where else can i put it" her excuse)
whenever i licked her clit. i was instructed to lick all of her pussy
as apparently she gets sensitive 'because i fuck a lot'.
basically she doesn't like her clit licked-every attempt i made even
after concentrating on the 'rest of her pussy' was rebuffed.

so by now 40mins into a 1hr long punt i just gave up.

flat and room good quality.
after about 30mins she did make a better attempt at french kissing
but still nvg.
she is reasonably attractive and fit
her owo is probably good but my cock wasn't performing
at all due to her attitude

see above
"the customer is always right"
is not a phrase she would be familiar with
GFE?-a million miles away.

Thanks for giving us the heads up , I was looking for good looking blonde to punt and had considered this for the first , but glad i did not
Does anybody know of a good blonde busty punt in there central area of london GFE or PSE  :yahoo:

Offline azrael

Frakk me sideways with a pineapple, really glad i dodged this one, her flatmate monica is way better but the reviews i read stated raisa was the better of the two, glad i went with monica came three times gave up on the fourth and not a sign of her being a "diva" so to speak

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