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Author Topic: Hey wise men? Katyusha, natalie, b-everson.  (Read 1670 times)

What do you think of.....

n_a_t_a_l_i_e 21y/o -  https://www.adultwork.com/2316274
b_everson 21y/o -   https://www.adultwork.com/2308724

And then there is KATyusha69 25y/o -   https://www.adultwork.com/2086122

Katyusha has been in one of my hot lists for a while now but when I added her the profile picture used was that of the girl in the first profile (nat).

The profiles don't stay in one place very long usually 6-9 days and kat will jump to a new location (either Glasgow, Aberdeen or Edinburgh) then the first 2 profiles will appear in the postcode she vacated.

Another thing with the first two there feed backs are strange, "feedback only" could mean they are not computer literate and only take phone bookings, but their most recent FBs are from guys who provide a seeking male service.

Just wondering what the veterans of this fine board think? Are these profiles to be ignored or has anyone had a decent punt with any of them?

PS new member hope to hang around enjoying the reviews will submit my own soon.  :hi:

19 review(s) found for AnalyaNice linked to in above post (16 positive, 3 neutral, 0 negative)

They don't look genuine to me. I always go with girls that have decent reviews.

Offline jg048012

I contacted n a t a l I e by phone and got through and was given an address. Googled it and didn't fancy the zone so swerved it. Just wasn't for me.

Offline david4u

Hi captain,
Go for Natalie. :thumbsup:
She is lovely and eager to do most of things.

Offline Redboy

Saw Katyusha recently, she is the girl in the photos. She's one of those "looks better in real life" girls. I phoned her first and she didn't answer, but she texted back ten minutes later. Managed to arrange a short notice notice booking with ease. When I got there, texted her and she gave me the address almost straight away. A pretty, sweet, sexy girl and friendly in a kind of shy way. I'll definitely visit her again

Not so wise given that all 3 offer bareback, I suggest you take yourself to the doctors for a check up.

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