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Author Topic: Poppy of Anna Belles Latinas (Ealing Broadway)  (Read 5365 times)

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I've been to Anna Belles Latinas on a few occasions. It's clean and there are two girls working every day. The madam is decent and I've had varying punts there, ranging from okay to excellent.

Poppy is a negative I'm afraid.

She has an excellent, curvy figure that is firm. Her arse is big but without cellulite and looks great in French knickers. Her ample tits almost spill out of her bra. Her pics above do her body justice. She is very hard faced however and doesn't smile.

After taking my money (£60 for a half hour) she returned and managed not to look at me once during the whole sex act. Intimacy of any kind was a no no. She pulled away constantly from any sort of embrace; no kissing, not even a peck. No nipple sucking, no neck kissing or snuggling (which was a shame because she smelled amazing). She was going through the motions with a sour expression.

After the pop shot I asked her to massage my back and she relaxed a little and spoke in good English (she's Romanian although on the site it says she's French). She admitted to not enjoying the sex with customers and said that she hated it when men wanted to fuck her hard for half an hour and would tell them to stop. I can understand it isn't much fun for her but neither is visiting a pro who gives you a shit time for the money you've worked hard to earn.

There are better escorts at Anna Belles Latinas, particularly Maria and Bia who always give good value for money provided you are clean and smell good.

Offline GreyDave

Dazzler. good reveiw I unfortunatly saw her in Harrows  www.silkandstockings.com when working there I could of written the same, I'm prob one of those guys shes now moaning about cost me £80 for a 15min shag an out some18 month+ ago 1st and last time there  bathroom at back of flat waited  in front room with maid who gave me the sales pitch for her...I do remember a fit toned bod with ace tits but no warmth to her when I tried the old schoolboy french blank face, I realised she was an ee she didnt want to say where from.... :blush:
Just realised my last post praised this sort of detachment from EE's...a chance to service a fit busty girl yup :thumbsup: a chat and cup of tea I'd go see a neighbour :D

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