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Author Topic: Nightmare of a day!  (Read 1185 times)

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Offline Tripsee

I've been up in North Wales for the past 10 days working and though, I'd treat myself on my last night.
I looked on AW and found there was a very limited number of girls in the local area that tickled my fancy. I tried calling a couple of girls but there was no response. I was rather horny by this point so decided to settle for a young asian girl.
Not a very good profile and the feedback wasn't great but I decided to take a risk.

We arranged an incall for an hour at 8pm.
I left my hotel at 6.45 giving me plenty of time to get there and find the property.
This is were my night started going downhill..After about 20 minutes of driving, I realised I'd left my wallet at the hotel, so went back to fetch it.
Pushing it for time now, I set off again, only for some idiotic young fool of a driver to come flying out of a roundabout when it was my right away, cut infront of me and clip my car leaving dents in the side panel and cracking my bumber  :angry:
He sped off without me getting the chance to get his details which angers me so much more!  :mad:

Decided to carry on to the arranged meeting, after all, I did need some relief!

I had asked her to wear some lingery which she agreed to but when I arrived, the girl who answered the door was small, petite and very pretty but was wearing shorts and t-shirt.
She invited me in and we went through to the living room where she just started undressing, no talking or anything, just stripped right down and then told me to do the same...That sort of service is not for me.  :thumbsdown: I like a little chat and flirtation before moving on.
I followed orders and stripped. She came over and started sucking, terribly...with no eye contact what so ever.
After 5 minutes she stopped and jumped up on my lap. I asked if I could put my oral skills to work on her but she said she does not like receiving oral, despite it being listed under 'likes' on her AW account :unknown:
She continued to do what she was doing and started jumping around on my lap making the weirdest noises I've ever heard. It was actually rather amusing to hear.
I suggested we change positions but she replied 'In a minute'.
'In a minute' came and we went doggy for a while. Terrible posture in that position, with an arched back, didn't look attractive from my point of view.

She was that boring and bad at everything we had done up to now, that I just couldn't wait for the session to end in all honesty.
I tried to make it a quick one from there on.

When I was coming to an end, I asked her to kneel down as she had said on the phone she loves a facial...
She disagreed and said 'no, carry on and finish in the condom'.

All in all, an absolutely garbage session and day for that matter.

I was expecting an average service after seeing her profile and feedback, but what I got was beyond poor.

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Offline Daffodil

Sounds shit, totally unacceptable to refuse to provide services that are listed. If you didn't on this occasion, be sure to confirm services beforehand.

North Wales is a desert.

Hellfire what a crap day!

Just goes to show that the AW Feedback of 19 is not worth the time it takes to read.

Hope next one is better for you  :hi:

Offline SirFrank

Sounds like the best part of the night was the bit and run
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