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Author Topic: Bremerhaven Walk Up  (Read 584 times)

Bremerhaven glass door walk up in Lessingstrasse, 1 block up from Mabuhay Karaoke Club, same side of street.

Lovely dark haired Hungarian girl, beautiful body, nice handful of breasts. Asked her how much for 30 minutes, 30 euros she replied for all services, thought that will do me.  Jumped in through the window, gear off, hers as well as mine, she gets the old boy out and gives him a quick check and a clean, pops a little kiss on the bell end and off we go.  Oral and all other acts were covered, but absolutely excellent sucking action with a bit of ball tickling. Had to slow her down, as I was about to pop, quick change of position, bent her over the chair and slipped inside, very tight grip and didn't last long. Quick check from her on the condom, a winsome smile at the amount of glop, another quick wipe, hug and a kiss (as well as another quick feel of her rock hard ass and out the window I went. (felt like Jack from On the Buses)

Not sure if anal was on offer, she did say all services, but her English was very bad and my German and Hungarian non-existant.

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