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Town: Swindon

Price: £40 meet for a 15/20 minute deepthroat OWO / CIM (not swallow) blowjob car meet, which seemed like cracking value for money.

Communication: All okay, I knew I was going to be visiting clients in Bristol and had the horn so I continue to use Swindon as my stop off release point on the way home to London. Emailed her on AW, got her number and started texting 2 days prior to the meet just to firm up timings and collection point and the services that I was looking for, all were answered promptly.

The Woman: There are limited pictures on her profile, but when you get her number if you save it you will see her face picture in WhatsApp. I'm not sure if the face picture on her WhatsApp profile is new or not, she simply was not made up with makeup when she met me.

My personal opinion is that she's much more late into her thirties unlike the age on her profile suggests.

The Deed (that did not happen): She advised me of a meeting point to pick her up from, near some shops, it was fairly discreet as it was the evening. She got into my car and she was honestly not a looker like I mentioned but chatty and bubbly enough for the brief 45 seconds she was on my car.

The following is the reason why this punt did not go ahead, as soon as we exchanged pleasantries and putting our seat belts on she turned around and said "oh, I need to take a picture of your number plate". I asked why? "She said that she's had a bad experience before during a car meet and that there's all sorts of things happening with strangers in cars". She made reference to a girl / woman from Wiltshire who was kidnapped and murdered in a forest or something and that it was all over the local newspaper and local news? Anyway I told her I was uncomfortable with that because my car is a company car (it isn't) and that I didn't want anything getting back to my company. She said she needed it for security.

I said to her calmly and humanly that if this was one of your requirements for a car meet then she should have told me up front as I would not have come to see her as I was not happy with the request. I told her that I understand she needs it for her security but I will not allow a picture of my number plate to be taken, and if this is what she is going to stick by then she can leave my car.

She looked genuinely stunned and shocked so not sure how many men she has had car meets with where she hasn't been declined of the number plate picture being taken.

She left my car and walked off.

I'm still left with the horn and pissed off, put off looking for another girl and I had to drive back to the city, had a cigarette discreetly somewhere nearby and left.

Would I go again? Clearly a no as I now know of her criteria for a car meet, so guys watch out! She did send me a text half an hour later to say she was sorry, text deleted and blocked the number and on to the next one.

Hope this is all okay? If anyone needs anymore info then do let me know.


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Offline houseboot

She is probably referring to :-

which is a well known case both locally and nationally.

Whilst she, and any other ladies who do car meets, will obviously have concerns about security there is still a need for them to highlight and agree security procedures in advance.

Security works both ways though. She could have directed you to an isolated spot to be mugged and robbed of both your money and car.

You’re right, security does work both ways, and I accept that and I told her that. And just like I mentioned in my review that if she made me aware of that initially then we both would not have wasted my time.