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Author Topic: Challender Road - Bristol.  (Read 1281 times)

Has anyone had an experiences of meets here?

Ordinarily, I opt for places in and around the centre. Today I booked a meet in Challender Road which is a little further afield in Henbury. Perhaps it was because I was unfamiliar with the area, but I immediately felt unsafe there.

The assigned destination wasn't an apartment or hotel, as I'm accustomed to, but a regular-looking terraced house which I was told to simply walk into - a request that started my spider-senses tingling. I walked past the house to check it out and upon stopping momentarily to check I had the correct number, I was whistled at by a man in the house nextdoor who made a gesture toward his place.

At this moment I walked. The whole thing struck me as odd.

Were you booked with Olivier by any chance?

I saw Olivia in Challender Road, I suspect the same house. Suburban solitude, seemed fairly discrete and safe.
In theory you could get mugged inside or outside your own property, so I'm not sure where is safe nowadays?

Happy hunting.

Henbury is full of whores and young mums

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