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Author Topic: Sensations of Chippenham  (Read 5277 times)

Hi guys,

Anyone had experience of this place? I've tried a search and nout comes up.
They have a girl called Lillia, described as 18, size 6, 32b, blonde & 5'3" £60 1/2hr
Sounds lovely (if true)
I'm hoping for a visit this Friday

Cheers in advance

Offline SteveNova

Did you go today?  Sensations has been around for about 15 years and one of the few parlours in Wiltshire.  I think it's the only one of the 'shopfront' type.  I noticed they have made the window more discrete recently (it used to say showers and choice of women) - but that's gone, gone also are pictures of the girls from the web site.  Maybe they have been warned.   I saw Lillia on the web site, but I'm not sure how accurate the ages quoted are.  Amy is listed as 19 on their site, but is 23 on her AW site!  I don't go there myself but am interested to hear having spotted it in the town.
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I didn't end up going on Friday for a number of reasons, I was hoping that someone on here would know if it was a good venue or not. Also I'd kind of prefer a slightly less obvious entrance (may call to enquire if there's a back door).
Saw these quotes from a different thread:

After work punt between Chippenham and Warminster

"Can anyone recommend a cheap quick half hour punt between these areas. Have tried some of the parlours and they are unbelievably horrendous."

"I have been trying to find something on this same route to do, but it is a drought out there my friend. All you can do is take a detour to Bristol
Agreed the parlours on that route are overpriced with poor talent"

So I wasn't going to risk it for £60 half hour.
Are you allowed to finger and play with the girls in a parlour or is it just for sex?

Probably source an indy soon, but that basically means heading to Bristol...

Offline x19

Anyone visited recently and can give us a review?

Offline Not_today

Nasty, dark & dank and lots of old saggy women in here. Even the young ones are on the lardy size . :(

Offline pecanpie

Is there anything/anywhere else in Chippenham or surrounding area that anyone would recommend?

yeh go to bristol is your best bet i reckon

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