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Author Topic: Size 4 at last.....yeah!!!!  (Read 4257 times)

Offline mattylondon

Flu? In March? Sounds like bollocks to me.
Typical prossie bollocks, I'm sure.  :rolleyes:

Shame - I quite fancied a go with her. Oh well....... She doubled up with another girl didn't she? I will try to get hold of her and see if she knows anything.

Offline bighands

Typical prossie bollocks, I'm sure.  :rolleyes:

I had flu in March - no bollocks - bloody horrible.

Offline haystacks79

I had flu in March - no bollocks - bloody horrible.

You're not the only one. Flu doesn't care what month it is.

Offline foxyc

This profile is almost the same, written in the same style.

The profile below is Naughty Petra, claims to do incalls from Counterslip on the centre in Bristol


Yes she does when she is touring Bristol.  Seen here there for an hour this year.

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