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Author Topic: Angel Jenny - There is a new Jenny in Town - User ID 2244889  (Read 2001 times)

2 review(s) for this service provider (AdultWork - 2244889) (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

So since Karen left me wanting more and since I had time to kill before a real life appointment, I decided to book in some time with Jenny.

A short summary to the review. 

Standing at nearly 6ft tall, Jenny is simply a young and carefree amazonian princess who loved my oral technique ( pat on the back) and gave me a satisfying climax as I fucked her doggy style. 

Although very tall, she is attractive, has huge eyes and a very pretty face.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and enjoyed the way her eyes sparkled as I finished going down on her, using fingers and all!

The lass



- The room is clean, warm, spacious and en suite and has massive mirrors.  Oh yes!

- She is very receptive and offers a wonderful GFE.  We were straight to business but I didn't feel rushed at all.

- The OWO was consistently good and got better as she continued to tenderly go down on me.  Unlike the usual WG technique of, suck it hard till it becomes hard, Jenny accepted my cock into her mouth and whether is was limp, semi-erect or hard, she continued to lightly touch those erogenous zones.  I was a VERY happy receiver.

- She receives oral passionately and seems to genuinely enjoy it.  If you love giving, she loves receiving it and will simply relax and enjoy what YOU give her

-  Really friendly and intelligent girl.

- Her body takes some time to get used to, since her proportions are so AMAZONIAN, which is apparent if you're a slim and averaged height guy like myself.  I did not find that a turn off at all, since she was genuinely attractive and pleasing to the eye. Her breasts are small, but her eyes are MASSIVE and she has a very young look about her like she's in her early 20s. Also despite being taller than what I would normally go for, she is well proportioned and slim for her height.  As I took her from behind, her lines and the pleasing aesthetics of the woman, it was simply a stunning sight to behold, honestly and I came satisfying. No rushing, no need to play scenarios in my mind I shoved my semi-erect cock in her and slowly but surely got harder and I rhythmically pounded her from behind.


- The main road in Harbourne is easy to get to, the fucking flat itself is a nightmare to find.  I'll not use the actual flat numbers but I'll give you example.  Say you needed to be at flat 484.

                        |               |       |               |   |              |   |               |
                        | Flat 453 |       |  Flat ??? |   | Another |   | Flat 512 |
                        |               |       |               |   | Flat ??? |   |               |
                  Main Road

So here's me walking up and down the main road looking for flat 484, and I literally pick one of those flats marked ??? at random as I'm on the phone with Jenny, who gives me her apartment number. Luckily I find the right one! The number plate of the flats are actually displayed on the side walls and not in view at all from the main road.  So PM if you want details.


Overall a surprisingly enjoyable evening and one I would totally recommend if you want a warm and friendly hostess who offers FK (possible DFK), OWO and a very nice GFE.

Offline dilettante

Where did she come from, she looks lovely - and a good half-hour rate too unlike the other Czech girls, Karen notwithstanding.

"Last 3 days" - is she based somewhere else and set to return, pity!

She's going back to Czech in two days.  Set to return to the same place in March.  The flat she stays in Harborne was set up by 'friends'.  She used to work in Coventry. 

Apparently a few punters have phoned up for directions but have gotten a little confused with the location of the place.  I assume since some people are in a punting mind, they get pretty stressed/freaked out when they can't find the place even though they've probably driven past the place.  The fact that it's really hard to turn around when you're driving on this busy road doesn't help! Sorry did I mention it's a dual carriageway?

Offline curry

The place is not that difficult to find. However I must disagree with the OP opinion of the lady.

Offline Whitebeer

Is she part of the Czech group?

Offline curry

There are three ladies working there

The place is not that difficult to find. However I must disagree with the OP opinion of the lady.

Make a review buddy.  All opinions are pretty much subjective. If yours was a negative experience, I personally wouldn't be offended at all and would find it pretty useful if I planned to meet her again.

Offline Whitebeer

There are three ladies working there

Are they the off shoots of the group that were in Gt Hampton? Above tescos?

Offline curry

That group was polish and they are still there unless i have missed something

Offline Whitebeer

That group was polish and they are still there unless i have missed something

You're thinking of Bath Row. That's the Polish group.
Karin, Jenny, Linda, sandy started off working in Gt Hampton. Above a different tescos. Nr Jewellery Quarter. This was three odd years ago. Then they scattered and I haven't used any of them since.
Bloody good service and vfm though.

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