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Author Topic: Bedford punt ?? anyone had the pleasure?  (Read 1305 times)

Offline vorian

Screams out lazy PG scam,  avoid like the plague.
Banning reason: Two faced - Slagging off UKP and it's membership using fake account

Anyone had the pleasure of this young lady?


Chester not Bedford .... if she exists

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I put one with a profile on the same scam site into the scams thread a few minutes ago
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Offline mattylondon

Romanian bareback .... Need I say more  :thumbsdown:
She's very fit though. Too fit, in a way for that service. I suspect that you wouldn't get bareback anyway. Secondly, it could well be a bait and switch scam. I would avoid at all costs but some punters will fall for it, unfortunately due to the pictures.

I echo the other guys. Looks like a scam to me. And not a very good one.  :thumbsdown:

Offline 8a8ylon

I think she real, a BB provider maybe at a cost but well worth a visit and if she is B&S just walk, no one forcing u to stay and shag her if she b&s.

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