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Author Topic: Steffi Nottingham  (Read 3848 times)

13 review(s) for stefffirstclass (11 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I visited Steff on an incall yesterday, 1/2 hour for £50...

https://www.adultwork.com/2354258 or https://www.adultwork.com/stefffirstclass

Her place is on Mapperley road, between Mansfield & Woodborough road, a nice little flat with good parking.

Steff is an incredibly attractive blonde (I normally go for brunettes) with a toned body, fantastic tits (pretty sure they're real) & arse, her profile states she is 25 and I couldn't argue with that she may possibly be a bit older but I'm useless at judging age.
Very good comms and despite the horrific grammar on her profile page she is very much English...

I turned up on time but had to wait a couple of minutes in a side room, normally thus would put me right off but she was so friendly and apologetic I found myself not minding at all. It helped that she was fit AND wearing a St Trinians school outfit with long socks   ;)

Anyway she started with a massage which was ok but nothing special, then went onto some kissing and fondling, she was talkative throughout and very open to directions, she seemed quite new to it all although she stated she had been escorting for 2 years. No DFK but that's not really my thing, I reckon she would if asked though. Then went onto covered BJ and a 69. Again OWO not my thing with any WG. She then climbed on top for some cowgirl and she had a very tight pussy, had a good ol sesh before I pulled out and came on those gorgeous tits.

Overall a very good punt with possibly the friendliest WG I've ever met and I reckon I'll go back, her profile is new with no FB; yesterday she had lots of photos with full face pics in all of them, today she's taken most of them off and blanked her face. I think that's a mistake to be fair but she must have her reasons.. I did talk to her about her profile and said that she should make the most of being English as when I read it I thought EE..

13 review(s) found for stefffirstclass linked to in above post (11 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Thanks Mr man for the report,I been communicating with Steff by email lately and I were on the process of visiting in the future now the future will become very soon:-)

Offline Jackjones

Take it her place is a far walk from the local train station?

It's quite a walk from the train station & mostly uphill.. About a 20 minute walk.
£5 for a taxi though I reckon.

She used to advertise in the Nottingham Evening Post and I rang for a booking but when I got there another bloke was going down the path at the same time and he went past her door and hung around at the bottom of the garden, when I went in she was full of cold and looked rough in a grubby nightie and g-string, made my excuses and left, this was about a year ago

Offline CoolTiger

Thanks for the FB, pleased that you had a good time.

When I first saw the profile, I was convinced that it was a fake, cos the amount of face pics she had posted were unreal!!.

Glad for her that she came to her senses and removed most of them, and blanked her face out, else it would have easily identified her.

With all the bad reviews around for the Derby area,I think I am going arrange meeting with this babe  :rolleyes:

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