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Author Topic: It's getting harder to find a 10/10 escort on Adult Work!  (Read 1021 times)

Offline Kaffeine Monsta

I don't know how you guys do it, but I get blocked nearly every time I propose a booking. Although I guess I was a bit dirty sounding, but hey, that's good. Right?  :drinks:

Anyway, one issue I have is a lot of the girls I've seen are highly rude and half of them don't do what's advertised. That tends to annoy me because I find it hard to speak up. Other than that, I have a mental disability so I could be essentially prey in the wrong hands. I think I already have been in the wrong hands a few times.

Does anyone know any women that are okay with AS personnel / PDD-NOS / and more, who won't be a rip off?  :vomit:

Offline auldie63

Hi KM  have you tried emailing them first and explain things to them then you will know if its gonna be a
          Problem to them. I am an older guy and if its a new punt I usually say this in case they don't like
          it. With your security I can only suggest you check the reviews on here, with a few notable
          exceptions, who shall remain nameless, there are some great recommendations on here. Hope
          this is some help and happy screwing. 

Try a Reverse Booking, and be open and up front about what you expect and what they can expect. You'd be surprised what turns up, and you are likely to be able to choose from a few. Happy hunting!

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