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Author Topic: Thai Kimmie - User ID 1910883 - Plastic Fantastic  (Read 4251 times)

13 review(s) for Thai Kimmie (10 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]
2 review(s) for CHERRY REAL HOT. (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

So the run continues and today's punt is with the ever elusive but not particularly exclusive - Thai Kimmie!

In summary to the review below - another working lass from this Thai group who provide services with a gusto and passion.  Fuck me but I think I might even try sexy Vivian next since Raveena will not pick up her phone!!!!!!!!!

Show the left side Kimmie!



- Safe location (bar the roads). She operates out of the same blocks of flats as Anita (https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=24505.0) and CoCo (https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=2284492) but not the same block and therefore not the same flat, if that makes sense.  PM for details if you wish.

- Massive en-suite room with mirrors and slutty mood lighting (which again is not really my thing but is slowly turning into my thing).

- Kimmie has perfect skin, is clean and is a short lass (perfect for me), with a tight body and has a fantastic figure.  Shapely and slim, but not skinny.

- Did not try anal with her or CIM but my usual requirements, such as RO, fingering, 69 etc was all done with gusto.  She performed OWO and gently used her teeth! Pain and pleasure....oh yes...but I won't have that again for a long time.

- Compliant, respectful and professional.  She's straight to business this lass, no mucking around.  She did giggle somewhat at my instructions, only because I had a massive cheesy grin on my face. 


- The photo's that resemble her the most is the one labelled as 'Hot' in the gallery pics.  She looks a little bit older than 23, I'd have guessed she was in her late 20s atleast....facially.  Not a massive problem for me.

- Her tits are fakes and I would have sworn she's a had a bit of plastic surgery on her face...of course I'm no expert, but if that's a turn off for you, you may want to reconsider.  Wasn't a huge problem for me, like I said before, take what I say about her face with a pinch of salt since I'm no expert.

- Her perfume had this weird after smell to it...like there is a really strong chemical added to it.  Like a plastic after smell is left at the back of your nose (no pun intended).

- She does wipe you down.  Felt like a baby getting a nappy change.  But she did caress my cock as she did this. Okay so another minor negative.

- Quiet lass and her English isn't great (I did lie to her and tell her it was very good though, I felt slightly ashamed by this).

The meet

So I initially try Raveena in the morning, does she answer calls @9am, does she bollocks.  To be fair to her, she's probably fully booked, but it goes straight to voice mail....costing me credits!

I opt instead for Thai Kimmie, whose profile says, 'Logged on Today'. As soon as I see last logged in sign change from 'yesterday' to 'today', I always get a little excited. 

So back to rape alley I go aka Water street and this time I'm almost run over by some corporate prick driving his flashy car.  I wasn't really looking but I felt a gust of wind behind me and lo and behold I turn back to see a car had just missed me and continued to speed off into the distance.  What a prick!

Anyways, I head towards the flat that Anita and CoCo work out of, thinking that I'm going to see Kimmie in the same flat, but lo and behold she's housed in a different block altogether, which oddly enough turns the excitement factor back on for me instantly.  After speaking to a very surly person on the phone, definitely the same handler for Anita and Co, I'm pointed to the right direction and just like before the door opens magically before I even knock.

The room I enter is clean and has that parlour-esque red lighting, which is becoming less of a turn off for me.  Fuck it, might as well get into character.  Learning from my previous experiences, I reciprocate Kimmie's professional attitude, hand over the paper work, ask her for some water and in the meantime I go into the bathroom to get myself cleaned and get myself semi-erect.

She wipes me down and I happily receive her mouth onto my little soldier.  She goes all the way down, no gargling sounds, just a moan with a mouth full of cock!  She used her teeth gently to arouse me even further and I'm really happy, I normally have to direct lasses to do this with a condom on!  I still feel like I'm playing Russian Roulette when I do decide to go with OWO, but I'm a massive convert atm. I start gyrating my hips as she continues to slowly go down on me. 

As she takes a breather, I gently lift her up and place her on the bed and I start my usually routine of tongue and fingers.  She seemed a bit sensitive down there, so I ate it slow and stuck two fingers in her tight pussy.  We then move onto 69 and we switch positions a couple of times.  I rim her anus and I stick a finger in there and she moans in pleasure, good acting I thought!

She allows me to kiss her passionately, and as I said before I don't normally go for the kissing thing on the onset, but as of late, probably since Blonde Linda, I've been finding it more comfortable to do so.  My cock massages her clit and don't worry, there is no BB involved, but I'm so close to that warm hole I'm tempted to ram it in, ofc I don't but I act it out so I get even more excited!

She whips the condom on and rides me and I can see my cock entering her tight little pussy in the mirrors that surround half the room.  I then did what I did with Nikki and I missionary style her while I watching myself in the mirror.  ALL WG's should install a mirror in their room or request a hotel room with one, I find it a massive turn on!  After 20 mins (it seemed like 5!) I spurt my stuff and she thoroughly wipes me down.

At this point I attempt a conversation with her, but the language barrier is getting in between what might be a decent conversation between the two of us.  At this point I decide to leave and she walks over to my clothes and starts to dress me.  I thought it was an odd touch.  Oh well, I thought! 

In the end a thoroughly enjoyable and professional meet and I'll certainly consider booking her again but not before I see other lasses ofc.  The question remains however, who on earth is the attractive oriental girl that I saw in Anita's flat who I saw running into the room one time when I was with the fake Anita Hot aka CoCo? 

She didn't have highlighted hair unlike Anita and CoCo and it was clearly someone who was not Kimmie since she works in a different flat entirely.  This mystery woman might be the dream lads!

13 review(s) found for Thai Kimmie linked to in above post (10 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)
2 review(s) found for CHERRY REAL HOT. linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline billyjo

How long did you book 30 minutes or 1 hour?

30 minutes mate.  Plenty of time for me.  If I had booked an hour, I may have tried the Anal that everyone keeps harping on about.
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does anyone no if she charges extra for anal and cim. also was the finger in the ass discussed befor you got down to business or did you just do ?

She doesn't charge extra for anything. Shes friendly and willing to please though I would add that if you book her, be prepared to walk if it isn't her who answers the door, she's pulled the B&S on me a times.

She's an amazing girl, I've seen her three times all in Nottingham.

She's going back to Thailand next year so I'm planning to see her at least another two times before she 'retires'.

Of all the punts I've ever had she's head and shoulders above anything. A total little sex bomb.

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