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Cost: £140/hour (£10 discount)

Location: Basement flat Bayswater/Westbourne Grove are

I have just returned from an enjoyable punt with Anna and can report that if you like a mix of massage and fucking with good Thai service then you could do a lot worse than see Anna.

She is the girl in the photos which are photoshopped to make her look a tad slimmer. The video is an excellent representation, although her hair colour is darker, I found her to be attractive, curvy, big soft enhanced boobs which hang normally, slight tummy, nice arse to hang onto. Thick thighs and about 5'2 in height. After the punt she told me she is 30. The flat is a one bed studio, bedroom and bathroom clean and set up for sex. Clean towels offered.

Her manner is shy but friendly, she greeted me in a lingerie robe and asked if I needed a shower. I told her my likes, requested a sexy body-to-body massage, said one pop and not in any rush.

We showered together, she gives an excellent unhurried soapy shower, DFK on offer from the beginning, sporadic giggles from her saying 'you're so handsome', it felt on the genuine side and added to the congruence. She cleaned every nook and crevice, sensually not in a hard efficient way some Thais do. Nice wet BJ to conclude. Dried off then onto the bed for oily massage.

Massage was pretty good, lots of CC swipes, alternating from muscle massage to rubbing my arsehole and playing with cock and balls. Moved into body slides, good use of big tits mixed with oil. Lots of grinding of her pussy on my back and arse with me reaching round to rub and finger her pussy. Minimal rimming but I didn't force the issue. I think she would do it if asked.

Flipped over to face her, the grind off continued, she got very wet at this point, at her request went from BJ in vigorous 69. She tasted clean and fresh. Couldn't tell how deep she went but was sloppy and enthusiastic with lots of moaning from her.

She then initiated sex, started with me on top, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoons which was excellent and finally doggy again excellent and her arse has good wobble - eye contact was excellent whenever we were face to face. My orgasm in doggy was intense - showered up, standard goodbye chit chat said goodbye and left 5 mins past the hour mark.

All in all one of my better recent punts (especially after a couple of poor EE agency escorts), ticked a lot of boxes for me and good VFM - would I recommend? Yes if you're a fan of Thai sex massage from a willing to please curvy escort.

Would I return? More than likely.

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Can i ask, if you had to chose between Anna or Victoria which would you go for ?

Anna for me, on many levels the service of the two seems similar,  but a couple of things set it apart.

I prefer curvier women, Anna has a shape I was really attracted to, Victoria is more classic Thai/Issan, fake boobs, lithe body not much curve.

Also Anna has only been here 3 weeks, she is not shagged out/jaded and this came through in the service. Victoria although fun, there was something mechanical about the process - thats what a couple of years does to an escort.

What helped my time with Anna is that I felt she was attracted to me, which made the punt that more engaging.

I use Asian Selection as my regular Thai agency for the £10 loyalty discount, but cannot see Anna on their I missing something?

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I use Asian Selection as my regular Thai agency for the £10 loyalty discount, but cannot see Anna on their I missing something?

It seems that Anna is only available through Olina and AsianOptions (run by the same people) at the moment.