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Author Topic: candy pornstar  (Read 4411 times)

3 review(s) for CANDY PORNOSTAR VIP (0 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline jg048012


Limited pickings of what I was after on a Sunday night. Was after someone spicey with some PVC, DFK, RO and CIM (ideally)

Phoned about 6:30pm - rang out..
Got a text a few mins later saying call again.
Called and discussed wants and timing - asked for 1 hour @8:30
Was asked to phone back and confirm 30 mins before.
Got a text back at 7:55 saying 'still coming?'
Replied 'yes'
She replied 'can you come please at 9:10. I think I will not be home till then the traffic is bad'
I replied 'Sorry it would need to be at 8:30 or I cant come'
She replied 'Im not yet at home so I will try my best but it is better to make sure at 9pm babe'
I replied 'I cannot come the sorry, another time'

I know it's par for the course but my time was limited and I wasn't wanting to be potentially strung along till 9:30 and then feel rushed etc etc with someone that was stressed witht he very heavy Sunday night Glasgow traffic - total grid lock!

Anyway can't comment on her charms or performance - another time perhaps. Although I think Erika needs to be experienced first, or Venus (though less sure of her too) - was meant to have a meeting with her on Sat @8:30 but she txted to saying she couldnt see me then or this week, but that next weekend would be ok in Glasgow G2 - she has said before she was in Bridgeton, so maybe has flat troubles...

3 review(s) found for CANDY PORNOSTAR VIP linked to in above post (0 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline PuntingPete

I'm not really sure how you can give the girl a NEUTRAL when the meet did not take place. Ok it was not a good start being 40 mins late but at least she did let you know.

However having looked at her photos, I would have waited 4 days for her to come home, Romanian or not  :wacko:

Offline jg048012

That's a fair comment - maybe should haven't reviewed, rather just discussed. Apologies to Candy, etiquette's never been my strongest suit  :hi:

Offline jg048012

Decided to visit/review after only commenting on the communication previously.

Visited on Tues afternoon. Communication was good  and timely on way to location in new flats in pollokshields area.

Secure and fairly descrete side entrance and lift to top floor.

Girl was as pictured and wearing pvc style as requested. Had also enquired and requested on the phone prior to book I g for owl, French kissing and cim.

Service was mechanical and delivered without enthusuaism. Kissing was limited to closed lips and nipples could onlybe very tentatively touched as we're appartently sensitive after the implants of 7 months prior.

Was told no cim either. When I said thus and French kissing were listed as likes on profile I was told she was unaware and that would need to be changed. Overall I wasn't impressed. Owo was provided only after excessive bel end cleaning and even in between episodes. I'm all for cleanliness but this was off putting especially as I was clean when I arrived and felt that several sets of several minutes cleaning was a joke.

Owl was ok when performed with hand relief and ball massage to the point I forgot myself and splashed onto tits. She was not happy understandably on this occassion and we parted on not the best of terms.

Overall I would say this was not the pse or even gfe I was looking for or was advertised so I would have to say avoid in future. I won't be returning it's safe to say

Offline jg048012

Oh and please no owl comments please I'm not an ornathologist just a punter with crap predictive txt and review skills :)

Offline PuntingPete

Looks like you were right to give a negative then, sorry you had a shit punt, but can I ask why you think it was understandable that she did not like you splashing into her tits? WTF were you supposed to splash it??  :unknown:

And if her tits are still sensitive 7 months after her op, I suggest she goes back to the clinic.  :hi:

Offline jg048012

I think as she'd made it plain she didn't do cim and (I forgot to say) that I was told to warn her when I was about to cum (which I didn't as I understood that was whist owo was taking place so i didn't cim) she got annoyed...maybe I was out of order..

Offline PuntingPete

I would have though an experienced WG would know when the punter was about to cum  :dash:

"Please warn me when you are about to come so I can turn my head away and point you in the other direction" - yeah right!  ;)

Offline xr888

Sorry, may I ask a (possibly silly) question? What is "OWL"? I only know "OWO" is "Oral WithOut (condom)". Thanks.

Offline Sword

Sorry, may I ask a (possibly silly) question? What is "OWL"? I only know "OWO" is "Oral WithOut (condom)". Thanks.

Oral with out Latex?   :D

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