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Author Topic: Anna - thai, good GFE in Bayswater/Queensway  (Read 1898 times)

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Offline cuteman

Duration: 2 hours

Price: £260 (£20 frequent flyer discount, normal £280)

Anna works out of a small basement flat a few minutes walk from Queensway and Bayswater tube stations. There is street parking available nearby and large car parks on Queensway if required. The flat is small, but clean and fit for purpose. The bed is quite large and comfy, the shower is small, but fits two. The door buzzer/intercom works.

Anna is obviously the girl in the pictures, minus the glam make-up and she's not quite as thin as the pictures, she's not by any means fat, but she's quite solid and well toned with good curves. The description at Olina says she's 5'4", but she seemed taller to me ... perhaps I'm shrinking.

Anna greeted me dressed as per her previous review, she offered me a drink, I took water, and asked if I'd like a shower. I said yes and she was going to shower with me, stripped off and got a bit frisky. If I hadn't stopped things we might have missed the first shower (I always go clean, but its good to let the ladies know I'm clean). We had a fun shared shower, she washed me, had a little play and the we dried off and headed to the bed. What followed was a fun gentle GFE session. She started off a little slow, but soon relaxed into the swing of things. Initially light kissing turned in DFK, but she was happier with her tongue in my mouth than visa versa. Her breasts are well done, not to over the top for her size, no obvious scaring with quite responsive nipples. A little firm for my tastes, but not at all hard. Good ass, nice shape, nice curve from waist to hips to thighs. She was shaved between the legs, not quite smooth, but not rough.

The sex was good, she's willing to put in quite a lot of effort and we played in a number of positions. Her OWO was excellent, she spent some time concentrating on just the head with a technique that I found really hit the spot. Anna was happy for me to kiss lick and gently bite pretty much everywhere and she responded well to RO, not too much in the way of fake noises, but she made it seem like she was having a good time. I didn't try anything much out of the ordinary, no A for instance, but she was happy to go with whatever I wanted. The session ended with another shared shower that left me clean and smiling.

Comms wise we seemed to have no trouble understanding each other, but she's not a talker, so it was mostly quite noises rather than words.

Anna didn't rock my world, but I did have a very good time, and I suspect with repetition she'll actually get better. So a definite positive and I'll be back for more fun and games  :thumbsup: