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Author Topic: X PLATINUM x CINDY X  (Read 2131 times)

74 review(s) for X PLATINUM x CINDY X (71 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/1577083 or https://www.adultwork.com/X+PLATINUM+x+CINDY+X

Saw Cindy when she was working in a hotel near Wembley Park underground station. Said she was Czech but she obviously spent some of her childhood here as her accent was almost English. She might be a bit older than the stated age, 21, but she is young enough.


- Really lovely, friendly girl. Interesting, bright and chatty but not in an annoying ditzy way - you'd be happy chatting to her in the 'real world'.
- Good communications - made the effort to find out what services I wanted when arranging by e-mail. Sent a text the night before to confirm I was still coming. I find this kind of thing reassuring having been the victim of a few no-shows.
- Quite sexy. Not stunningly pretty but sexy looking in a horny slutty kind of way. Big fake tits. A bit on the curvy side (legs and arse) so if you only go for thin girls then don't bother.
- Took her facial with aplomb - on her knees with her tongue out waiting, porn-star style. No flinching. Great stuff.
- This should really go in the negative section but I found it exciting: she booked a hotel that she never used before and didn't know visitors would have to go through a door near the reception which needed a key. So she had to come down and get me and was dressed in a slutty outfit with her huge tits almost bouncing out of her low top. We then had to go in the lift together where a civilian also got in! Not discrete but I enjoyed the naughtiness of it, standing there in silence with two strangers, thinking about what I was about to do to one of them!

No real negatives. There will be prettier girls out there but attitude defeats all. I don't think you can go wrong with Cindy.

74 review(s) found for X PLATINUM x CINDY X linked to in above post (71 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)


Great girl she is a top fav of mine + a few others here on UKP -

Just to clarify a few points -
She is 21 -her birthday is in April when she will be 22
IMO she is a perfect size 10 and a great figure - best tits and arse i have punted with in the last 2 years
Great attitude and a real professional in her work
Stunningly pretty IMO not many AW girls get close to her looks - she is up there with Michelle indi , Sexy Dee and Ms Madlin Moon

One of the BEST sessions I have had with a AW girl in the last 2 years has been with Cindy.

Great VFM in all departments - You really cannot get any better in London with

Offline Tim20

Seen her 3 times as well and I'm well over due another visit !

Had 2 in calls and 1 out call in a hotel in canary wharf and all were up there with the best  :yahoo:
Really is a top friendly girl  and delivers a great punt !! One of my favourites  :wacko:
Banning reason: Fluffy white knight admitting to planning to leave positive review for sole reason to cancel recent negative

There is no way she is 21! She is far too professional for that age. If she is 21, she has a promising future in whatever she does. Top Girl!

Online herbie007

Cindy is a top girl and gorgeous with it

I've seen her a dozen times and plan on seeing a lot more of her

she's one of my top 2 girls

Interesting that the OP thought that Cindy was not all that good looking.
I personally don't think she looks remotely facially attractive and those OTT fake breasts are a major turn off for me. I would never see her, despite the fact she is obviously a very good, hard working and  honest WG.
Diversity rules, thank goodness.

Offline ciscoxxx69

After a couple of failed attempts, I can't f*cking wait to see her.
I am hoping in the next few weeks I can get my Diary to match..... :P

Offline musicman007

just got confirmation from cindy that we are on for a 3 hour session this thurs......tempted to then go the whole hog and have duo with her and ee if it all works out:)...im resting up the next 2 days in anticipation.lol

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